Here's What Happened When Two Democrat States Banned Bump Stocks

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  • Doctor_M

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    I struck up a conversation with the folks at the Republican trailer at the Gamber carnival. They asked if I would be supporting Hogan. I said that I did in the last election, but his actions on bump stocks and the red flag bill really turned me off and now I am unsure exactly how I'm going to vote. I told him that the Gov. needs to hear this, and he said, he has been hearing similar things a lot and is passing the message on through the Republican committee.

    I doubt Hogan will change, but one way or another, he needs to know how much he has alienated his base.


    When All Else Fails.
    Apr 1, 2013
    What people? Those who see these dangerous accessories for what they really are? There is no reason to own one!

    Is it the accessory you don't like or the full auto simulation?

    I ask because the simulation can be achieved without the "Dangerous Unsafe Toy".

    What other "No reason to own one" devices or guns should the government dictate to be so-called dangerous?

    How do feel about slippery slope arguments?


    Peace through strength
    Jan 29, 2013
    Fulton, MD
    Thats exactly what i’m saying here
    then you won't be getting very many sympathetic replies... this is, after all, a 2A forum. and while your entitled to your opinion, you're still wrong.

    History is over brimming with the victims of gun control.

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    Feb 28, 2011
    Harford County
    No one needs a bumpstock, good riddance to those dangerous unsafe toys

    If you think they are unsafe, feel free to not own one.

    I don't own a bump stock. Never used one, never really had a desire to own or use one. That's not the point. I don't think we need some worthless government douchebags deciding who "needs" what.


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    Jan 23, 2013
    The only reason to oppose them is to want to have control over the actions of others. The devices are widely available and can be readily made, will be after any ban, and are currently in the hands of many. Only a small handful of the devices have been turned in in places where they’re now banned.

    Just about ANY semi automatic firearm can be bump fired without a bump stock and some practice. Do we ban semi autos just because of this fact?

    We’re in the age of 3D printed guns and parts and guns that can be made in kitchens. Any attempt to limit bad actors from getting items to carry out their malevolence is futile and only leads to stymie the liberty of citizens who largely never commit any violence.


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    Feb 28, 2011
    Harford County
    Shawn Quinn.

    Never heard of him. That's the problem, politics is 75% popularity contest. He might be the absolute perfect man for the job but the lemmings will stumble into the voting booth and pick a familiar name, sometimes not having a clue what they stand for. It happened in 2014 with the AG race. I had never even heard the name of the republican candidate before, still couldn't tell you today what his name was. I bet that the names of all the Dem Governor candidates I'd at least had heard before. That's a real problem in this state.


    DINO Extraordinaire
    Oct 11, 2010
    Augusta, GA
    As a dino, here are my thoughts. In the dem primary, I will vote for the most extreme wacka-doodle liberal on the ballot. In the general election, I will vote straight republican. I will vote for Hogan over any third party candidate, no matter how 2A friendly he may be. Hogan is the most conservative candidate that can actually win. Making a statement by voting for a candidate that cannot win does nothing to curb the liberal lunacy infecting this state. Hogan at least slows that advance compared to any liberal Democrat.


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