Shipping handgun to manufacturer for repairs from Maryland

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  • Terps

    Apr 26, 2020
    Does the outbound and inbound shipping need to go via an FFL to send a handgun for repair out of state? I know that I can send outbound via UPS or Fedex overnight if I do it from one of their main branches. But on the return, does it need to come into an FFL? If so, would it not be easier to ship both directions out of the FFL? Any suggestions on local FFLs with reasonable rates?


    Ultimate Member
    Jul 2, 2017
    Sun City West, AZ send it. I would first get a Return Authorization from the gunmaker if that's where it's going. That way you get a shipping label...probably pre-paid and it will specify the shipper. If it's a repair they will send it direct to you...not a dealer.

    If you're sending it to a gunsmith or custom gun shop, ask them for their preferred way. UPS and Fedex usually specify a handgun be done overnight which can get expensive. It seems they don't trust their own employees to not steal.

    If at all not specify the complete name of the recipient on the label...just put initials. You don't want to make it obvious a gun may be in the package.


    Peace through strength
    Jan 29, 2013
    Fulton, MD
    Sent my FNS9 for recall work (yes, I know I said I wouldn't...) directly to FNH and got it back directly from the repair facility. FNH supplied shipping both ways.

    I do NOT send the standard capacity mags.

    I think the FedEx clerk and manager were crying when I informed them of the package contents. But to her credit, the manager looked up FedEx regs, asked a question, verified destination, and accepted the shipment.


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    Aug 2, 2009
    Yes , you can ship direct to mfg ( or any FFL) . The mfg ( or any providers of repair, modification, or customization w/ FFL) may return * The Same Firearm * directly to you . The catch comes when mfg declares unreparable , and offers a replacement firearm ( or replaces a damaged frame with a new one with different s/n , Then must go thru an FFL, and is treated as a purchase of a new firearm .

    In Maryland , this can have consequences about HQL , or if the firearm seeking repairs is a grandfathered banned .

    One of the major mfgs is famous for when certain parts are no longer available in factory inventory , declaring it unsafe without the unavailable part , and keeping it , instead sending a closely comparable current firearm if suitable match is available , or generous coupon for a similar value for you to use on their current products .

    Less expensive shipping ? All depends .. Is mfg paying shipping ? Both ways ? One way ? Your local FFL is permitted to use USPS . Some of them prefer to use UPS or Fed Ex . ( I know my local PO Branch is notorious for loosing and misdelivering mail And packages , and I wouldn't trust anything important to them ). How much would your FFL charge ? Could be anything from free or nearly free , to full Transer Fee .

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