Previous Gun Ownership Polls Appear To Be Wrong....Who Would Have Guessed That

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  • Blacksmith101

    Grumpy Old Man
    Jun 22, 2012
    It appears that they are getting wise to gun owners lying to nosey pollsters. According to a story in the Washington Examiner July 30th a study from Rutgers University's New Jersey Gun Violence Research Center showed a lot of gun owners were "likely fibbing" about not owning guns. Who would have guessed that "......the study’s conclusion that nearly a third of those polled might be lying when they deny having a firearm." The article contains a link to an extensive discussion (1:07:24 long; first 34:30 is Tuccille) podcast "Reason Magazine's JD Tuccille on Why Americans Don't Tell Pollsters They Own Guns".

    Boom: Up to 60% of Americans could own guns, twice estimate​

    Link to the article:

    Link to YouTube of Podcast:

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    Oct 16, 2008
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    Mar 13, 2009
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    I have never been asked by a doctor, but a friend told me the other day that his asked him if he owned any. He said his answer was "Well....this is Carroll Co "

    I told him he should have asked the doc if he owned any sex toys.He said " Damn.......wish I would have thought of that "

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