PG County restrictions?

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  • fredthe

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    Oct 18, 2023
    Bowie, MD
    So out of curiosity I was looking at restrictions on firing guns in Bowie, and found in the city code:
    (a) No person shall discharge any firearms within the City. This subsection shall not apply to:...
    2. Private grounds or premises under circumstances when such firearms can be fired, discharged or authorized in such a manner as to prevent the projectile from traversing any grounds or space outside the limits of such gallery, range, grounds or residence.

    Which is interesting, as it seems to indicate that I'm free to do some target practice in my back yard (there's a deep ravine that would meet the requirements.) Not that I'd do that, this was purely an intellectual exercise.

    Then we come to:
    (c) No person shall transport any airgun, BB gun, gas operated gun or spring gun on any public way except when such weapon is unloaded and properly cased.
    Which presumably doesn't restrict concealed carry, but I'm unclear on this.

    Of course what Bowie allows doesn't matter if PG restricts it. So I went looking at PG's laws and came across this:
    Sec. 14-140. - Loaded weapons prohibited; exceptions.

    No person shall discharge or have in his possession, while loaded, any firearm, rifle, shotgun, revolver, pistol, air gun, air rifle or any similar mechanism by whatever name know, which is designed to expel a projectile through a gun barrel by the action of any explosive, gas, compressed air, spring or elastic, within one thousand feet (1,000') of any home or residence, other than his own, or any school or school grounds (private or public), church or church grounds, places of public assembly, public parks and playgrounds within the County, whether the weapon is loaded with blank or live cartridges or projectiles of any kind.
    So it appears that PG won't allow me to shoot in my back yard since it's less than 1,000' from my neighbor (not at all surprising,) but what caught my attention is the prohibition against a loaded firearm near any residence.

    Does State law preempt this somehow, or is this something along the lines of the Montgomery County issue with them trying to regulate carry that was just thrown out? I note state law limits most to restrictions to 100' rather than 1000', but I'm not sure about how WCP plays into this or nuances w/r/t carrying while loaded vs transporting.

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