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  • Gun Met

    07 FFL / 02 SOT
    Nov 1, 2015
    Hello Everyone.

    We just got set up as IP. Figured I would drop a thread and let people know what we are all about. More detailed information and announcements will be going under our thread shortly.

    We are a AR platform and Class III manufacturer, focusing on high end and precision builds. Our goal is to push the platform to the next level. Some of the exotic materials we use in builds are titanium, special alloy aluminum, inconel, and stainless steel. We make most of our own stuff right here in our shop, on our own machines. Everything we sell is 100% made in the USA. Even our apparel. No shortcuts. Period.

    One thing you wont find with anyone else is an accuracy guarantee. EVERY gun we build is sub MOA and features a Lifetime warranty.

    All of our BCGs are M16 style and our steel ones have been cryo frozen for unsurpassed wear protection.

    In addition to our brand, we do offer dealer retail services and transfers. But since we are primarily a manufacturer, we do not have a lot of stock and we are by appointment only. Just let us know what you are interested in and we can order it for you.

    We prefer to build up the community and are more interested in getting our product into local stores and dealers then retailing it ourselves. So any fellow IPs please feel free to contact us for product inquiries, demo builds, etc.

    Also looking for prominent board members to do unbiased reviews on our products.

    We Look forward to earning your business!


    JMB fan club
    Sep 3, 2010
    We have our own 300 blackout SBRs now. Only 12.5" stainless match grade out there, developed with PNW arms. Just got a Griffin 30SD which needs a good break in

    That's actually what I was thinking about when I posted that.

    That .300 BO SBR that you showed us in your shop was awesome!! :party29:

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