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  • Some Guy

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    Oct 26, 2017
    Here's how anyone can learn about campaign finance in Maryland and who's funding our elected government officials' campaigns.

    1. In order to determine the source and amount of campaign money the public officials receive you must first find out the name or names of the official's campaign committee(s). To do this, go to this page:

    2. From there you should look up the official (candidate) in the Committee Details section. You can search by the candidate's name to find out the name of the active and inactive committees that have been raising money for the candidate. (For example, in the case of State Senator Will Smith his current committee is "Smith, Will for Maryland". But he has had other committees over the years that may need to be referenced depending on what anyone may want to analyze.)

    3. Once you identify the committee name, you should next go the page that will enable you to search for any contributions made to the candidate's committee:

    4. At that page, in the "Receiver" section you input the name of the official's committee. YOU MUST INPUT IN THE NAME OF THE COMMITTEE EXACTLY AS IT IS WRITTEN IN THE COMMITTEE DATABASE OR YOU WILL NOT GET ANY GOOD RESULTS. (e.g. "Smith, Will for Maryland"). Then, hit the "Search" button. The database will return a table of all the donations made to that committee. And...there are buttons on that page that allow you to export the data to CSV, Excel, .pdf or Word formats.

    Note that at both of these pages there are many other variables you can use to search for information about candidates and officials. The above is just a highlight of two of the more important parameters and methods that can be used.

    Most important links:





    Lastly, the database is only as good as the data that the candidates report.

    Good luck if you're doing research!

    Some Guy

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    MDS Supporter
    Oct 26, 2017
    So you now might be thinking, "Hey, Some Guy. What about them stinkin' lobbyists? How do I figure out which lobbyists are donating to candidates and officials?" Those are fair questions.

    If you want to know about Maryland registered lobbyists, you can find out who they are at this page:

    Once you're at that page you can look for specific reports, including one called "Political Contributions". You can also access the full list of registered lobbyists, and download it if you like, and then cross-reference the information from the Lobbyist list against the donations to candidates you may have gotten from the Campaign Finance database described above.


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    Jan 1, 2019
    Hey, thanks for the info,,, this will tie in with something I will be working on soon.

    Some Guy

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    MDS Supporter
    Oct 26, 2017
    Hey, thanks for the info,,, this will tie in with something I will be working on soon.
    Great. Good luck in tracing the money. There's a lot of it flowing to the elected officials. Thanks for doing it.

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