French gun control works about as well as can be expected…

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  • TI-tick

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    I saw that and was disappointed as to no pics.

    IIRC the Allies dropped a shit ton of firearms pre-invasion, and post invasion there was all kinds of booty.

    It would not surprise me if the rural French, Dutch, Belgians, have WWII surplus stored away.


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    Nov 5, 2010
    Eastern shore
    Feck! I had a "Permis de tirer" In Picardy (Vervins) & a rider (variation) in Paris!
    Me, a semi-residential Englishman in France! (Yes I also had the required 3 "Permis de Secour" & a "Permis de Residence" think visa & then a green card, more or less equivalent, (as well as a "Permis de Conduire")
    Takes me back to my posts in the podcast thread.
    Yasee, it hasn't worked in England & they started all the progressive Wet Dream Universal, federal, licensing, & banning in 1918.
    & The French have been doing it since 1563 when Charles the Eye-Exe said :
    Middle FrenchEnglish
    D'auantage cõsiderant que les meurtres, volleries, assassinats, & autres entreprinses, qui troublent le commun repos de nosdicts subects, s'exercent plus par les armes à feu, que nuls aultres : Défendons tresestroictement sur mesmes peines à toutes personnes, de quelque estat, dignité & qualité qu'ils soyent, porter ne faire porter par leurs gens & seruiteurs dedans les villes, ne par les champs, aucune hacquebute, pistolle ne pistolet, ne d'icelles tirer: sinon

    (Some might consider murders, robberies, killings & other enterprises, which disturb regularly the rest of our subjects, are more caused by firearms than any others: we forbid very strictly with the same punishment for everyone, of any state, dignity & quality they are, to carry or have carried by their people & servitors neither within any town, nor in the countryside, any hacquebute, pistol nor pistolet, nor to use them: except)
    back in 1563!

    Not withstanding I'm pretty sure M. Canon had a "ghost" Sten somewhere, from a few conversations we had. He had a well-worn "WRA" headstamped 9mm case with a BIG square firing pin strike on the primer on his keyring.
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    Bob A

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    Nov 11, 2009
    The article implied that he got the guns as "an aging actor." Far more likely that he has had them for decades.

    There's a lot of WWII weaponry hidden away all over Europe. Having endured German invasions more than once, the people understand the value of weaponry, and the tyranny of governments.

    Friend of mine from Crete mentioned the joyous discharge of automatic weaponry at wedding celebrations.

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