FFL-03 renewal AND move, COA

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  • lazarus

    Ultimate Member
    Jun 23, 2015
    So as it turns out, I got my FFL-03 renewal form this past week. I am also moving at the end of this month/the beginning of next month.

    The way I am reading the form and instructions, I should send in the renewal just listing my new address.

    I do NOT need to send in a change of address form to the ATF separately. Yes?

    I recognize that I may not conduct activity under my FFL-03 while the address on my license and my mailing address are different. So for the few weeks between moving and getting my new FFL-03.

    Is that correct? I don't want to put toes out of line with he who shoots my dogs. But I also really don't want to deal with the dick dance of a COA form, then a renewal, or vice versa or whatever all within a matter of weeks. I doubt I'll use my FFL-03 in the next few weeks anyway. But as I am getting freedom from she who shall not be named (my about to be ex-wife), I'd also rather not drag out waiting to get a new FFL-03 in case I do want to indulge in my new found freedom soon.

    Another way of saying, I don't want to wait till it expires in May and then file a brand new FFL-03.

    Thanks in advance


    Ultimate Member
    MDS Supporter
    Sep 3, 2012
    In the boonies of MoCo
    So, I'd just hold onto the renewal until you move, fill out the COA section on the rear, and then send it in. That way there's no gray area. You can check the box requesting a letter from the BATFE to allow you to continue your collecting activity under the old license if you're afraid they won't get your renewal to you by May if you send it in early March (they will get it to you. Last turnaround I had was something like 3 weeks).


    Ultimate Member
    Jun 23, 2015
    Appreciated. I'd hold off on sending it until I can get mail at the new address. Lease starts March 1, but I should be able to get the keys and start moving about a week earlier. Brand new construction, no mailbox up yet. That'll be a few more days.

    Bob A

    όυ φροντισ
    MDS Supporter
    Patriot Picket
    Nov 11, 2009
    If you let your current license lapse, and reapply when you move, you can shred your bound book. In the name of freedom, perhaps?


    Ultimate Member
    Jun 23, 2015
    If you let your current license lapse, and reapply when you move, you can shred your bound book. In the name of freedom, perhaps?
    Yeah, I considered it. But I am getting bigger freedom with my divorce and I'd like to take advantage of that. My license expires in May. So, I shouldn't be using my license from March till May, plus the time to get the new license. Figure maybe late June or early July.

    Let's for a second ignore any possible legal thorns here, I really couldn't "mail order" anything on my C&R because the license address and mailing address would be different for sure. And in person use is less likely. Though I'll probably hit a Gettysburg show or two this spring.

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