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    Ultimate Member
    Nov 5, 2010
    Eastern shore
    I recently annealed a batch of bottleneck R-P .303 British cases I'd been gifted with. They're listed as "once fired".
    As part of brass prep I annealed them using my normal tools techniques & times.
    The cases were in a deep well socket spun continuously by an electric screwdriver.
    I heated over a low propane flame for 7 seconds, & verified temps with a Templistick 450℉ .
    I've used this for years with never a problem.
    The chase necks/mouths are so soft the case chamfering / deburring cutter is deforming the case mouths!
    Am I over reacting or did I just wreck a batch of cases? I have never had this issue before!


    Ultimate Member
    Dec 30, 2020
    Lube and then run them through your FL sizing die again. Can repeat a couple of times for each case. This should "work harden" them a bit. . .or it may crush the necks if they're really too soft. Either way, you'll know.

    Probably OK, though.
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