2024 MGA Important Dates (For the Rest of the Session)

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  • dblas

    Past President, MSI
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    Apr 6, 2011
    Link to MGA Dates: https://mgaleg.maryland.gov/Pubs/Other/2024rs-Session-dates.pdf

    March 4, 55th Day – Final date for introduction of bills without suspension of Rules
    March 12, 63rd Day – Committee Reporting Courtesy Date Each Chamber’s committees to report their own bills by this date.
    March 18, 69th Day – Opposite Chamber Bill Crossover Date Each Chamber to send to other Chamber those bills it intends to pass favorably. Opposite Chamber bills received after this date subject to referral to Rules Committees (Senate Rule 32(c), House Courtesy Date)
    April 1, 83rd Day – Budget bill to be passed by both Chambers.
    April 8, 90th Day – ADJOURNMENT “SINE DIE” (Monday)
    April 28, 20th Day after adjournment — Final date for presentment of bills to the Governor

    May 8, Final date for an extended session (Wednesday)
    May 28, 30th Day after presentment — Governor to sign/veto bills by this date.

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