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    I am a seller posting feedback on letmeoutpax as buyer
    Buyer requested to inspect the rifle more than discussed or requested and chose to back out of the deal while in person after traveling to meet.
    Classified ad: For sale 1914 Enfield No.1 MK 3
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    What the hell does inspect the rifle more than discussed mean? Who would not look over a rifle before buying? The fact is the bolt closed on an impromptu field gage and he never would have mentioned it.
    I have disproven the above comment about the headspace using a Forster Products .303 British FIELD Headpace gauge which the bolt does not close on. Please see supporting documentation if needed.
    You posted your evidence in a thread and there were plenty of additional considerations given by other members including the fact that your field gauge is smaller than the British spec. My impromptu field gauge is a new A-zoom snap cap (made by Lyman) with a layer of tape on the head. It measures .006" larger than the snap cap which cycles, whereas your field gauge is only .004" larger. My No. 4 Mk 1* will not close on the gauge that closed in your rifle.

    Thread here:

    Bottom line, it was not unreasonable to not buy the rifle based on what I saw.
    I am a seller posting feedback on letmeoutpax as buyer
    Good descrip, beautiful rifle, friendly and willing to meet halfway
    Good description, beautiful rifle, friendly, easy transaction. Thanks for meeting me; helped a lot with my long drive.
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