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  • looking for good condition gun with 28" barrel
    Looking to buy a few boxes of SK Long Range Match to try in a new barrel before placing a larger order. If you have some, I will trade or buy them from you. Thanks!
    Looking for some .30 Cal milsurp cans with rubber seals. Thanks.
    Looking for a 1911a1 government 45 ACP. Would also consider a Springfield Mil-Spec.
    sundazes (+10 /0 /-0)
    WTB/trade for 45-70.
    Looking for a ruger revolver in 454
    rob b (+60 /0 /-0)
    ar upper
    Demoneyes86 (+1 /0 /-0)
    Looking for a used 10/22 the cheaper the better. I dont care about the stock i mainly just want the receiver set and barrel.
    Looking to buy a HK SP5. Please PM me
    Looking for some 50-70 Govt Brass and or loaded ammo. (no, I don’t mean 45-70). Please PM me if you’ve got any you’d like to sell.
    Looking for an OEM mag release. Just picked up a used 17 and don’t care for the one the previous owner installed. Hoping someone might have an extra laying around they’d sell. Thanks!
    I want to do some reloading for my rifle and I can't seem to bring myself to prepping the brass I've already shot. So I'm looking for some cases prepped re-sized and ready for me to load. Let me know what you have and how much you want. I'm on the eastern shore Thanks!
    I've shot a lot of the AMA and the HXP ammo for the Garand. Oddly enough my rifle also likes Remington Core Lokt and Federal Fusion .30-06 ammo. I'm not interested at this time in the Korean or the Turkish ammo. Let me know what you have and how much you want. Thanks!
    Looking to buy a SIRT Training Pistol. Let me know what model you have and how much.
    shocker998md (+1 /0 /-0)
    Looking for a 30mm mount
    midnightSGT (+1 /0 /-0)
    I'm looking for .308 caliber, Sierra Game King bullets in 180 Grain Part Number #2160, or 200 Grain Part #2165. I'm looking for at least 100 bullets.
    Looking for a Ruger Redhawk model 5050 or 5032 that can shoot both 45LC or 45ACP
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    Looking for a bolt action rifle for my son. Not interested in the ruger american or similar rifles. Prefer crf actions, but interested in seeing what folks have available. Should be in .243 win or maybe 6.5 Grendel. Please let me know what you have available. Thank you in advance.
    Looking for a Makarov. Bulgarian or Chinese? Not looking for Baikal or any double stacked derivatives.
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