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  • Hi Lou,

    Dennis from our military rifle match yesterday is looking for Unique and would like to purchase two pounds if you have any. I told him I would ask you.

    If you do, he said he'd visit Thursday bowling pins. And how much per pound?

    Me, I am looking for CCI 34 primers just in case you have any you could sell, trade.

    Thanks, hope all is well.......

    mark matysek Man those right wingers sure get pissed off when you mention democrats
    Hey Lou,
    I've ordered three stripped AR lowers through a "group buy" on another site. I have my little card from the state police from the handgun "test" and I have my collector's status. How much would you charge for a transfer on the three AR lowers?

    Thanks so much
    You can get about 10 shooters set up for the 100 yard target area. Same thing with the 200 yard berm. Portable stands are ok there. I will post some pics of the layout under the C&R social group.
    Maybe I should disable it? Some bad stuff could get out if people think it is private.
    Everyone can see them. Not private. I don't know what the point is.
    cool, and it just went on the roster MSP handgun roster
    supposedly they worked with Hammerli to design and build them, and I have a review from (I think) shooting illustrated where they were rated highly, all the reciprocal mass is under the cover, but it also said to watch where you put your fingers, because the cocking levers might ding them. Can't wait to try it out.
    hey jer! so i went ahead and pro dealed in a sp22 m3...the cool one with rails all over it a match adjustable trigger and 6" match barrell. retail for 475 but ended up costing me 335. i guess i'm gunna be the first person on the internet to buy one...there are no reviews of it anywhere that i can find. i guess i'll haveta write one up on mdshooters after i get the thing and get some through it. anyway, it should save me hundreds on ammo and give me something to shoot next to your buckmark
    Hello 3rdRcn,
    Nice talkin to you today. Glad I didn"t forget my shotgun on the way out of the store. Looking forward to getting my 2 additions to the collection next week. See Ya
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