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Experience Comment From Date/Time
Positive (+1) Great transaction, simple and smooth. Thanks. (more info) From seller Gunny1998 11-15-2020
Positive (+1) Quick and easy deal (more info) From seller systemmaster 11-12-2020
Positive (+1) Great to deal with! (more info) From buyer VG-10 10-29-2020
Positive (+1) Great Transaaction. Thank you. (more info) From seller rooster 10-23-2020
Positive (+1) Great buyer!!! Arrived early and paid cash (more info) From seller Alphabrew 10-22-2020
Positive (+1) Great communication. (more info) From seller Down Zero 10-20-2020
Positive (+1) Great communication. Smooth Transaction. Thanks (more info) From seller Down Zero 09-26-2020
Positive (+1) All went well. Positive (more info) From seller Kair350 09-07-2020
Positive (+1) as usual great deal (more info) From trader arbud 09-05-2020
Positive (+1) Thanks for making it so easy! (more info) From buyer bitterkenny 08-29-2020
Positive (+1) Very quick and pleasant transaction. (more info) From seller Cicirich 08-28-2020
Positive (+1) Good comms, cash on delivery, no BS +++ trade with confidence (more info) From seller sead0nkey 08-22-2020
Positive (+1) Nice easy transaction. (more info) From buyer G8tor 08-22-2020
Positive (+1) A+ Seller Highly Recomend (more info) From buyer Straightbolt 08-14-2020
Positive (+1) Easy to deal with and meet. Highly recommended (more info) From seller LAW683 08-14-2020
Positive (+1) Good Deal, smooth transaction (more info) From trader stank 08-08-2020
Positive (+1) Great guy to deal with (more info) From seller Horseman308 07-29-2020
Positive (+1) Very nice guy. Easy to deal with . (more info) From seller Windsors 06-17-2020
Positive (+1) Very easy to work with (more info) From trader Fordracer2082 06-13-2020
Positive (+1) Great communications. Would definitely deal with him, again. (more info) From trader GuitarmanNick 06-02-2020
Positive (+1) Great buyer! (more info) From seller hchon3 05-14-2020
Positive (+1) Great buyer. Good comms. (more info) From seller ST19AG_WGreymon 05-04-2020
Positive (+1) Good guy to deal with. I would recommend (more info) From trader tony b 05-02-2020
Positive (+1) Quick easy sale (more info) From seller systemmaster 04-30-2020
Positive (+1) Very plesant transaction (more info) From trader D-Log 04-28-2020
Positive (+1) Good buyer. No issues. (more info) From seller gunone 04-28-2020
Positive (+1) Argentine mauser 1891 Loewe Berlin (more info) From buyer fiveloaves 04-23-2020
Positive (+1) Great guy to deal with .It was a pleasure meeting you . (more info) From buyer rj1974 04-19-2020
Positive (+1) A+ (more info) From buyer jazz_guns 04-19-2020
Positive (+1) Great again (more info) From seller arbud 04-16-2020
Positive (+1) Great buyer...very timely communication and follow through! (more info) From seller boisepaw 04-14-2020
Positive (+1) I had items to trade and Wuntsum had the same. Worked out great. (more info) From trader BigCity 04-14-2020
Positive (+1) A good and easy transaction (more info) From buyer Fiddlersgreen 04-14-2020
Positive (+1) Excellent Buyer Cash 💰 in Hand Highly Recommend (more info) From seller 4Prosales 04-14-2020
Positive (+1) Excellent Buyer Cash 💰 in Hand Highly Recommend 👍 (more info) From seller 4Prosales 04-14-2020
Positive (+1) Great buyer (more info) From seller dbledoc 04-14-2020
Positive (+1) Dad says it went smoothly, thanks! (more info) From seller krew08 04-10-2020
Positive (+1) Great to deal with! (more info) From seller Sgt6402 04-05-2020
Positive (+1) Great communication, nice guy, would meet again. (more info) From trader Jollyllama 04-03-2020
Positive (+1) Great guy to do business with. Will buy again! (more info) From buyer jazz_guns 04-02-2020
Positive (+1) Smooth Transaction (more info) From buyer Eliotz28 04-02-2020
Positive (+1) Thanks for working with me for a 3rd party. (more info) From seller Sgt. Psycho 03-31-2020
Positive (+1) Great guy to deal with !!! Easy smooth Transaction !!!! (more info) From buyer fast440 03-30-2020
Positive (+1) Good seller. (more info) From buyer Cryptotek1 03-29-2020
Positive (+1) Quality items, very accommodating on meeting location. (more info) From buyer baltech 03-29-2020
Positive (+1) great deal again (more info) From seller arbud 03-28-2020
Positive (+1) Had great transaction (more info) From buyer NeutronBlu 03-27-2020
Positive (+1) Great to deal with! (more info) From buyer Silverlax 03-26-2020
Positive (+1) Timely and had what I needed for a good price - would buy from again (more info) From buyer dweissman 03-25-2020
Positive (+1) Great to deal with (more info) From seller amickey1979 03-24-2020
Positive (+1) +1 (more info) From seller smokedog 03-14-2020
Positive (+1) And another perfect transaction (more info) From seller arbud 03-08-2020
Positive (+1) great transaction (more info) From seller arbud 03-08-2020
Positive (+1) Great transaction (more info) From seller arbud 02-22-2020
Positive (+1) good buyer (more info) From seller JTH20 02-10-2020
Positive (+1) Quick and easy transaction, arrived on time at our meeting location. (more info) From seller Billman 01-06-2020
Positive (+1) Great transaction (more info) From seller arbud 01-05-2020
Positive (+1) 22LR Ammo (more info) From seller jac43k 12-24-2019
Positive (+1) Easy transaction (more info) From trader systemmaster 12-24-2019
Positive (+1) Great guy to deal with! (more info) From seller DSC729 12-23-2019
Positive (+1) Paid quickly, no drama. Would do business with again! (more info) From seller erwos 12-23-2019
Positive (+1) Great Buyer. No Issues (more info) From seller BossmanPJ 12-01-2019
Positive (+1) good experience, everything perfect (more info) From seller arbud 11-10-2019
Positive (+1) Good transaction. (more info) From seller MEGARMS 11-05-2019
Positive (+1) Very smooth transaction... (more info) From seller kazan182 08-18-2019
Positive (+1) Thanks! (more info) From seller HappyCamper 08-07-2019
Positive (+1) Great buyer...thanks! (more info) From seller snakep 07-01-2019
Positive (+1) Great buyer. On time. Great communications (more info) From seller hdatontodo 03-22-2019
Positive (+1) great buyer (more info) From seller tigmaned 02-27-2019
Positive (+1) Great transaction, excellent communication. Stand-up guy. (more info) From seller rob-cubed 10-06-2018

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