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Experience Comment From Date/Time
Positive (+1) Great person to deal with (more info) From buyer AC MkIII 02-15-2020
Positive (+1) Great transaction.. couldn’t have been better. Great guy! (more info) From buyer Pensfaninmd 01-30-2020
Positive (+1) great (more info) From buyer spicedcrab 01-05-2020
Positive (+1) Easy to work with (more info) From buyer mcbruzdzinski 06-02-2019
Positive (+1) Great buyer (more info) From seller ST19AG_WGreymon 03-26-2019
Positive (+1) A+ Seller Highly Recomend (more info) From buyer Straightbolt 03-17-2019
Positive (+1) Great seller no issues (more info) From buyer Mj45 03-06-2019
Positive (+1) Quick and easy (more info) From buyer Wuntsum 02-27-2019
Positive (+1) Smooth deal (more info) From buyer ToBeFree 01-12-2019
Positive (+1) Very accommodating seller. Thanks for the nice stock!! (more info) From buyer MG in MD 12-19-2018
Positive (+1) Smooth deal, items were exactly as represented. Thank you Sir! (more info) From buyer E.Shell 11-09-2018
Positive (+1) Thanks so much Ed!! (more info) From buyer 3paul10 09-05-2018
Positive (+1) Buy with confidence! (more info) From buyer daggo66 06-26-2018
Positive (+1) Quick turnaround (more info) From buyer mcbruzdzinski 05-31-2018
Positive (+1) Good seller (more info) From buyer Jbbtwb 05-10-2018
Positive (+1) Great communication. Easy to work with. (more info) From seller F-Stop 04-13-2018
Positive (+1) Great to deal with! (more info) From buyer VG-10 04-13-2018
Positive (+1) Great to deal with! (more info) From buyer VG-10 04-13-2018
Positive (+1) Great to deal with! (more info) From buyer VG-10 04-13-2018
Positive (+1) Great to deal with (more info) From buyer VG-10 04-08-2018
Positive (+1) Great to deal with (more info) From buyer VG-10 04-08-2018
Positive (+1) Excellent and easy purchase (despite the weather!) - Thanks tigmaned! (more info) From buyer Seagrave1963 03-20-2018
Positive (+1) Good seller (more info) From buyer Jbbtwb 02-21-2018
Positive (+1) Great seller, everything very easy. (more info) From buyer MG in MD 02-21-2018
Positive (+1) Very interested to try this grip. fast meetup again w/ +++ seller! (more info) From buyer Rack&Roll 11-10-2017
Positive (+1) Easy transaction and good deal. Thanks! (more info) From buyer 6Den 11-08-2017
Positive (+1) Thank you very much! (more info) From buyer 3paul10 10-20-2017
Positive (+1) Another fair and square deal from an outstanding MDS member. (more info) From buyer Rack&Roll 10-16-2017
Positive (+1) Great seller (more info) From buyer Jbbtwb 10-14-2017
Positive (+1) Smooth transaction (more info) From buyer monstarr 10-01-2017
Positive (+1) Great transaction (more info) From buyer Silverlax 09-20-2017
Positive (+1) Great Guy, Good Transaction (more info) From seller MEGARMS 05-29-2017
Positive (+1) I appreciate you working with my schedule. Great seller (more info) From buyer EarnestT 11-07-2016
Positive (+1) Easy Deal, Ed is a Top Notch Guy. Deal with Confidence (more info) From seller ScottR 09-23-2016
Positive (+1) Perfect transaction (more info) From seller ke3gk 08-31-2016
Positive (+1) My second purchase from a solid MDS member, thanks! highly recommend! (more info) From buyer Rack&Roll 08-26-2016
Positive (+1) Nice to meet you Ed. Thanks for a great deal! (more info) From buyer EarnestT 07-18-2016
Positive (+1) Great Buyer! Great Communication! Enjoy! (more info) From seller AACo 07-08-2016
Positive (+1) Good seller would buy from again (more info) From buyer tony b 02-26-2016
Positive (+1) Excellent seller just as advertised (more info) From buyer tony b 02-05-2016
Positive (+1) Great to deal with (more info) From buyer VG-10 11-15-2015
Positive (+1) Easy peazy (more info) From seller rfawcs 11-09-2015
Positive (+1) Worked with me to get it done, very happy (more info) From buyer erwos 11-09-2015
Positive (+1) Good seller, great packing skills (more info) From buyer Noroar1 10-05-2015
Positive (+1) Good transaction (more info) From buyer retrorichard 08-12-2015
Positive (+1) Good trade (more info) From trader Bountied 07-31-2015
Positive (+1) Good product, good price, great seller! (more info) From buyer Sgt. Psycho 07-27-2015
Positive (+1) :) (more info) From buyer BFR50 04-10-2015
Positive (+1) Good deal (more info) From buyer plinkerton 02-25-2015
Positive (+1) Great Buyer, nice guy, easy no b/s transaction (more info) From seller psusra112 02-22-2015
Positive (+1) Good to deal with (more info) From seller Meditator 01-05-2015
Positive (+1) Scope was exactly as described, easy meet-up. Thanks! (more info) From buyer Rack&Roll 12-11-2014
Positive (+1) Thanks Ed (more info) From buyer trailtoy 11-04-2014
Positive (+1) Great buyer! (more info) From seller MauiWowie 10-14-2014
Positive (+1) Great merchandise, great price, buy from tigmaned with confidence. (more info) From buyer Sgt. Psycho 10-12-2014
Positive (+1) Great Fella (more info) From seller pc1256 10-10-2014
Positive (+1) Good Guy. (more info) From buyer jwh2000 09-04-2014
Positive (+1) Deal went well, item was as described. Seller was very acomodating. (more info) From buyer RoKKboXXer 07-23-2014
Positive (+1) Very easy to deal with A+ (more info) From seller sead0nkey 07-12-2014
Positive (+1) pleasure to deal with. thanks! A++ (more info) From seller TLL 06-05-2014
Positive (+1) Pleasure doing business! (more info) From buyer Gmercury2000 02-21-2014
Positive (+1) Excellent Transaction!! (more info) From buyer Medicgary 01-27-2014
Positive (+1) Awesome seller and great person to deal with. Highly recommended! (more info) From buyer mbenz85 10-31-2013
Positive (+1) Good communication - fast pickup (more info) From seller MikeSP 09-18-2013
Positive (+1) Great transaction! First Class (more info) From buyer tennisdr 02-16-2013
Positive (+1) Worked around my schedule and location (more info) From buyer SRD 10-04-2012
Positive (+1) Good deal on a Nice Bushnell Banner 2.5 T, Good seller Thanks !! (more info) From buyer Oldcarjunkie 09-21-2012
Positive (+1) A nice guy to deal with. (more info) From buyer Joseph 08-09-2012
Positive (+1) A+ For a great sale! Quick shipping, great price. (more info) From buyer ken792 02-13-2012
Positive (+1) great to deal with, again (more info) From buyer stank 11-30-2011
Positive (+1) great to deal with (more info) From buyer stank 11-30-2011
Positive (+1) great guy to deal with (more info) From seller mdonzi 10-05-2011
Positive (+1) Fast payment. Great transaction. (more info) From seller falconguy 02-04-2011
Positive (+1) Fast payment. Great transaction. (more info) From seller falconguy 02-04-2011
Positive (+1) Easy to work with. Highly recommend for future transactions (more info) From buyer MDMOUNTAINEER 10-13-2010
Positive (+1) +1 For Ed (more info) From seller K Train 08-26-2009
Positive (+1) Cases were a great deal!Seller was very flexible, would buy from again (more info) From buyer IanCaw 08-06-2009
Positive (+1) good buyer would recommend to others (more info) From seller phillywilly 07-11-2009
Positive (+1) nice easy deal on a nice shotgun. Thanks (more info) From buyer Cochise 06-29-2009
Positive (+1) All round good transaction. Good commo, on time, merch.as decribed. (more info) From buyer E.Shell 03-11-2009
Positive (+1) I paid. He delivered. (more info) From buyer BaltimoreBass 02-19-2009
Positive (+1) Nice guy, smooth transaction. A+ (more info) From buyer rgramjet 02-01-2009
Positive (+1) Great Rifle (more info) From buyer sbarber7973 10-14-2008
Positive (+1) FtF sale, no problems (more info) From buyer Trey 10-09-2008

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