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Experience Comment From Date/Time
Positive (+1) Nice guy. Smooth transaction. (more info) From seller Taco 12-06-2020
Positive (+1) Good transaction with a good guy, very personable. (more info) From seller imaoldcowhand 11-30-2020
Positive (+1) 35 remington box of ammo Thank you great seller! (more info) From buyer PGTMG 11-23-2020
Positive (+1) Easy transaction, great guy! (more info) From seller Brownl345 11-18-2020
Positive (+1) Article exactly as advertised. No hesitation about future business. (more info) From buyer 4g64loser 08-06-2020
Positive (+1) Always a pleasure. Lustrous long locks and brawny biker bristle. (more info) From buyer Jollyllama 02-26-2020
Positive (+1) Awesome Guy! Great Seller! (more info) From buyer MilsurpDan 01-04-2020
Positive (+1) Great transaction. (more info) From buyer Engine4 08-13-2019
Negative (-1) Took the money and disappeared (more info) From buyer RedTide 11-30-2018
Positive (+1) Everything thing went well (more info) From buyer StantonCree 11-15-2018
Positive (+1) Great item, thanks (more info) From buyer Engine4 10-18-2018
Negative (-1) Not to be trusted. Stay away from any transactions (more info) From buyer buzzzyy 06-20-2018
Positive (+1) Great guy to deal with (more info) From buyer tony b 04-24-2018
Positive (+1) Thanks for the mags! (more info) From buyer Bob A 01-02-2018
Positive (+1) As advertised - Buy from 5.56blaster with confidence! (more info) From buyer Sgt. Psycho 12-14-2017
Positive (+1) Piece of pie, easy as cake (more info) From buyer lowoncash 10-29-2017
Positive (+1) Good member to deal with, great guy too (more info) From seller RonInMD 07-31-2017
Positive (+1) Have dealt with 5.56blastet in the past, a great member to deal with (more info) From seller RonInMD 07-31-2017
Positive (+1) Excellent Seller! Great communication, very smooth purchase - Thanks! (more info) From buyer Seagrave1963 10-10-2016
Positive (+1) Easy transaction (more info) From buyer smokedog 10-03-2016
Positive (+1) Good guy to deal with (more info) From buyer MEGARMS 08-03-2016
Positive (+1) Quick Pickup!!! A+++ (more info) From seller yellowsled 04-05-2016
Positive (+1) Great buyer, very friendly. (more info) From seller jkeys 12-16-2015
Positive (+1) Excellent to deal with (more info) From buyer Jollyllama 11-01-2015
Positive (+1) Thanks for the great shooting glasses, great to deal with!! (more info) From seller 3paul10 10-31-2015
Positive (+1) Another smooth transaction, Thanks. (more info) From seller RonInMD 08-23-2015
Positive (+1) Great member to deal with. Met on time, no problems. (more info) From seller RonInMD 08-23-2015
Positive (+1) Smooth transaction, A+++++ buyer. (more info) From seller SnuffyJD 07-07-2015
Positive (+1) I'd deal anytime (more info) From seller rfawcs 06-19-2015
Positive (+1) Honest dealer, friendly, excellent personality, prompt. (more info) From buyer crudmucosa 01-19-2015
Positive (+1) Awesome (more info) From seller Cpl. Cornbeef 01-04-2015
Positive (+1) Flexible pickup, easy deal. (more info) From seller plinkerton 12-20-2014
Positive (+1) Shipped item with no delay! Good to go, thanks! (more info) From buyer Alphabrew 12-12-2014
Positive (+1) 5.56Blaster is a great seller. Good communication & transaction. A+ (more info) From buyer CroftonBilly 12-10-2014
Positive (+1) Great seller, many thanks!! (more info) From buyer Alphabrew 10-03-2014
Positive (+1) Great buyer, quick and easy transaction. (more info) From seller SnuffyJD 09-20-2014
Positive (+1) A+++ wonderful to deal with and is a great guy as well. A+++ (more info) From seller jzarrabi 09-16-2014
Positive (+1) Great buyer. Easy transaction. Multiple transactions with him (more info) From seller hdatontodo 03-30-2014
Positive (+1) Excellent communication and a good dude! Thanks! (more info) From seller rsj1231 03-29-2014
Positive (+1) 22lr ammo sale. great buyer. good communication. (more info) From seller hdatontodo 03-18-2014
Positive (+1) Smooth and easy....THANKS (more info) From seller safecracker 03-09-2014
Positive (+1) Picked up item & pd. cash. Don't come any better! AAA+++ (more info) From seller OnTarget 11-26-2013
Positive (+1) A+++ Highly recommended. (more info) From seller R81 11-20-2013
Positive (+1) Good guy. Good communication and an easy sale. Thanks! (more info) From seller trbon8r 10-13-2013
Positive (+1) Thanks a lot came to me met has cash good guy!!! (more info) From seller mbz300sdl 08-17-2013
Positive (+1) A++++++++ great guy (more info) From seller Alphabrew 08-17-2013
Positive (+1) Very Honest Seller (more info) From buyer Daddyursus 07-03-2013
Positive (+1) Very, very nice transaction would buy/sell with again (more info) From seller sead0nkey 06-30-2013
Positive (+1) Smooth transaction, No issues at all. (more info) From seller Decoy 02-23-2013
Positive (+1) Pleasure to deal with. (more info) From buyer SprinklerMan 02-02-2013
Positive (+1) Great to Deal With A+++++++++++++++ (more info) From seller chevellenut71 01-12-2013
Positive (+1) Great mags, very nice to do business with! (more info) From buyer cxd213 01-11-2013

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