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Please be aware that we provide this marketplace as a convenience to the community, but Maryland Shooters Forum can bear no responsibility for any transactions that take place as a result of this site. We will not get involved in any disputes. If you choose to use this site as a means of buying or selling an item, you do so at your own risk. We vouch for the credibility and trustworthiness of no one!

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Experience Comment From Date/Time
Positive (+1) Great transaction! (more info) From buyer copasetic 05-12-2020
Positive (+1) Everything went great... item as described... great to deal with! (more info) From buyer copasetic 05-12-2020
Positive (+1) A+ (more info) From buyer kingfish 04-18-2020
Positive (+1) Smooth transaction as always. Thanks Bud (more info) From seller EarnestT 04-10-2020
Positive (+1) Arbud keeps doing it (more info) From buyer Wuntsum 03-28-2020
Positive (+1) Always a pleasure dealing with arbud (more info) From buyer 71Chevelle427 03-25-2020
Positive (+1) Arbud does it again (more info) From buyer Wuntsum 03-08-2020
Positive (+1) Arbud does it again (more info) From buyer Wuntsum 03-08-2020
Positive (+1) Quick and easy as always (more info) From buyer Wuntsum 02-22-2020
Positive (+1) Great transaction. Pleasure to meet you (more info) From buyer dontpanic 02-12-2020
Positive (+1) Easy transaction. Great guy to talk to (more info) From buyer halic1 01-15-2020
Positive (+1) Quick and easy (more info) From buyer Wuntsum 01-05-2020
Positive (+1) Another flawless transaction with arbud! Great guy. (more info) From buyer Doctor_M 12-13-2019
Positive (+1) Always a pleasure to deal with Bud. Great guy. (more info) From buyer Doctor_M 12-07-2019
Positive (+1) As usual a great guy to deal with. Thanks again, Bud! (more info) From seller putneyswope 11-15-2019
Positive (+1) Bud gets it done (more info) From buyer Wuntsum 11-10-2019
Negative (-1) Seller backed out after I committed to buy (more info) From buyer Sirex 09-02-2019
Positive (+1) Item as advertised as always with Bud. (more info) From buyer baltech 08-10-2019
Positive (+1) Great guy and straight shooter. A+++ (more info) From buyer Doctor_M 04-07-2019
Positive (+1) Great Buyer (more info) From seller gmharle 02-14-2019
Positive (+1) A great guy to deal with! Thanks again for everything! (more info) From buyer putneyswope 01-28-2019
Positive (+1) Good price and free delivery! Can't beat it. Thanks again. (more info) From buyer 71Chevelle427 01-24-2019
Positive (+1) Easy transaction. Fair price (more info) From buyer 71Chevelle427 01-10-2019
Positive (+1) Good buyer, prompt payment, good communication - thanks! (more info) From seller schnauzr 01-07-2019
Positive (+1) Smooth transaction. Arbud is a good man to deal with. (more info) From buyer Sgt. Psycho 01-07-2019
Positive (+1) rifle as described and a great guy to deal with and talk to (more info) From buyer rob b 12-29-2018
Positive (+1) great seller, smooth transaction, would do business again (more info) From buyer blksniper2000 10-31-2018
Positive (+1) Fantastic (more info) From buyer KIBarrister 10-20-2018
Positive (+1) Honest, kind, prompt and friendly (more info) From buyer crudmucosa 10-20-2018
Positive (+1) Thanks Bud for the sale ++++ (more info) From seller EarnestT 07-08-2018
Positive (+1) great transaction, smooth no problems, would deal with again (more info) From seller abr10dr 03-13-2018
Positive (+1) Another great transaction.. repeat happy buyer!! (more info) From buyer Pensfaninmd 02-08-2018
Positive (+1) Easy to deal with, everything was as described. Good deal. (more info) From buyer chooks9 01-10-2018
Positive (+1) H&R Model 442 Pump 20ga (more info) From buyer jac43k 08-13-2017
Positive (+1) Perfect transaction (more info) From seller ke3gk 06-24-2017
Positive (+1) As described, on time, great member to meet. Thanks Bud! (more info) From buyer govwontletmebuycoolguns 04-02-2017
Positive (+1) Repeat customer, great to deal with. (more info) From buyer hogarth 02-26-2016
Positive (+1) Bud always gives a great deal. Don't hesitate to deal with Bud. (more info) From buyer EarnestT 02-08-2016
Positive (+1) 20ga Mossberg 88 received as advertizsed, good man to dea. with. smooh (more info) From buyer RonInMD 12-09-2015
Positive (+1) Bud is always great to deal with. really flexible with delivery times. (more info) From buyer EarnestT 11-04-2015
Positive (+1) Fair offer from a pleasant buyer! Good communication. (more info) From seller putneyswope 03-13-2015
Positive (+1) Excellent seller! Just as described. Thanks! (more info) From buyer lee2 07-05-2014
Positive (+1) Ammo Trade (more info) From trader kmittleman 07-03-2014
Positive (+1) Awesome Guy to deal with (more info) From buyer dapefley 05-11-2014
Positive (+1) Quick and painless (more info) From buyer hogarth 05-09-2014
Positive (+1) thanks for the great deal on the 20 guage ammo! nice meeting you (more info) From buyer EarnestT 04-28-2014
Positive (+1) Golden saber 9mm ammo Great person to deal with. (more info) From buyer PGTMG 05-08-2013
Positive (+1) Great seller. Thanks for the great ammo! (more info) From buyer Omega21 12-17-2012
Positive (+1) Great transaction! (more info) From buyer rob-cubed 04-08-2012
Positive (+1) A++++ Very highly recommended. (more info) From buyer R81 02-13-2012
Positive (+1) Great to deal with! (more info) From buyer apexinm3 10-13-2011
Positive (+1) Extremely Pleased!!!! Always a happy customer with ARBUD (more info) From buyer fivepointstar 09-30-2011
Positive (+1) Good deal. Good seller. Deal with confidence. (more info) From buyer T-Man 06-01-2011
Positive (+1) Very good deal and nice guy. Deal with confidence. (more info) From buyer T-Man 04-05-2011
Positive (+1) Great seller! Fast communication and easy to deal with! (more info) From buyer NateTheShake 02-28-2011
Positive (+1) Really easy to deal with. This is my second purchase from Bud. (more info) From buyer Longhammer 01-03-2011
Positive (+1) Perfect (more info) From buyer Rugbier 11-23-2010
Positive (+1) Great transaction!!!! (more info) From buyer Mark392001 10-28-2010
Positive (+1) Highly recommend for future transactions. Easy to work with. Honest. (more info) From buyer MDMOUNTAINEER 10-25-2010
Positive (+1) Very Smooth and flexible transaction!! Recommend!!!! (more info) From buyer fivepointstar 05-12-2010
Positive (+1) Good communication! Thanks! (more info) From buyer Longhammer 03-30-2010
Positive (+1) Good seller, thanks again! (more info) From buyer bryanjusmc 03-24-2010
Positive (+1) Awesome seller! (more info) From buyer blindnoodle 05-09-2009
Positive (+1) arbud is excellent from start to finish, buy with confidence (more info) From trader fivepointstar 05-03-2009
Positive (+1) Quick and easy transaction. (more info) From buyer dwnthehatch 05-03-2009
Positive (+1) Good Stuff and bery easy to deal with. (more info) From buyer Russ D 03-19-2009
Positive (+1) Incredible quality SKS and easy transaction (more info) From buyer Russ D 01-30-2009
Positive (+1) great person to deal with (more info) From buyer JSW 01-10-2009
Positive (+1) Good to deal w/ - like usual.... (more info) From buyer Meditator 12-28-2008
Positive (+1) Thank You! (more info) From buyer bowtiebandit 12-26-2008

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