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    Wow, I never considered that gravity and air pressure was enough to make a reverse osmosis system work in a cartridge. I always assumed they had better carbon filtration than the other guys. Do you recommend going full RO for the kitchen/fridge for untreated well water? Thanks in advance.
    Reverse osmosis (RO) requires 30psi + of water pressure to work properly. The higher the pressure (to an extent) the more efficiently it works.
    A properly prefiltered RO membrane will last >10,000 gallons and the water purity will be very high.


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    Oct 17, 2020
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    Zero Water is not an installed filter. It is a pitcher type filter (with larger ones meant to sit on a shelf with a spigot). They reduce/remove total dissolved solids (the claim is that they remove 100% of those but as the filter gets older it removes less. I think they say to replace it at 25 or something based on the provided meter). People use them who are worried about lead, iron, calcium, etc.

    This is the Project Farm comparison of filters although he mixes in things for other purposes like Life Straw which is for removing pathogens and inline filters so it's not totally apples to apples.

    The company recommends changing at a reading of 6. I can start tasting the time for change sometime after that.

    Ah okay, thank you. I had misunderstood, I thought this was referring to something installed below a faucet or possibly on a whole house system. We have used Brita in the past for drinking water at home but haven't tried Zero Water before. For backpacking I have been using the Sawyer Mini or Squeeze.
    Sawyer Mini after running out of what I came in with. LifeStraw Mission for camp. Have others for mobile camp.


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    Oct 30, 2010
    Westminster, MD
    I don't know about Zero Water, but did you know they're selling water now infused with HYDROGEN!!! Yeah, the same stuff that blew up the Hindenburg and Challenger. We need to write our Congressmen now to keep hydrogen out of our water!


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