Where to buy deer meat in Montgomery County?

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  • iH8DemLibz

    When All Else Fails.
    Apr 1, 2013
    You can give a gift of a deer and they can take it to a butcher or, the gifter can be nice and drop the deer at the butcher's for the giftee. Far as I know, that's legal. I've been doing it for years and my butcher doesn't mind. And no, I haven't even killed one for myself yet so don't ask.

    Definitely some slim pick'ins this year.


    Eats His Bacon Raw
    MDS Supporter
    Jul 29, 2014
    Some of you guys are more than happy to post pictures of every firearm you own and provide a detailed list of your ammunition supply to a complete MDS stranger with a low post count, but if a guy comes on here looking for deer meat, he's instantly suspected of being an MDS spy extraordinaire and called out as someone with ulterior motives.

    Cracks me up.



    Eats His Bacon Raw
    MDS Supporter
    Jul 29, 2014
    Definitely some slim pick'ins this year.

    Tell me about it. The little farm I hunt is next to a 'proposed' county land fill. The NIMBYs fought the county and for the time being have held the county off. Soooo, the county hired a private company that specializes in 'land management' to first, keep all the locals out of the property, and second, to go in there and kill every antlerless deer on the site. Unfortunately, they draw all the deer off all our properties and kill them too. The venison goes to feed the needy. Our venison. I make it a point not to kill does unless I have a big group come through late in the season looking for a place to yard up. It really sucks to sit in the woods see nothing but herds of orphaned fawns and yearling bucks walking around. Ok, I'm done whining.


    Junior Member
    Nov 13, 2014
    Using tapatalk so it doesn't show locations in the posts. I was asking as I like to hunt but depending on how successful I am I do sometimes give away the meat.

    Should have paid more attention to hos name but still locations change sometimes regardless of name.

    Whats tapatalk?


    Feb 3, 2008
    If you want some venison, send me a PM. With a little luck I'll have some extra soon.


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