What are WV for transporting firearms from outside the state?

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  • wb3jma

    Nov 15, 2020
    Belcamp, MD Harford County
    I'll be in WV for vacation over the holiday but am getting my Ruger Blackhawk tomorrow and would like to tote it with me to take to a local range in the area.


    Mar 6, 2021


    Jan 10, 2014
    Arbutus, MD
    It is WV not commie MD. I was just there last week exercising my constitutional rights in Grant, Mineral, Hardy, Preston and Randolph counties. Blackwater Falls and Monongahela National Forest.


    SOmething Witty
    Jul 29, 2020
    Deep Blue MD
    I excercise my rights in Martinsburg and Harpers Ferry and everywhere in between. They really dont care. You dont even have to tell a cop its in your car if your pulled over. However I would they are cool about it. Always told me dont pull mine and they wont pull thiers. But they get antsy if you dont tell them and they see it. Nothing bad they just go on high alert. Hell I had one that said you show me yours Ill show you mine. I unloaded mine and handed it over to look at he handed it back I loaded back up we went on our way. Not all places are like MD


    Active Member
    Sep 3, 2012
    In the boonies of MoCo
    Unless it's something interesting .
    Growing up in Charleston, the state-owned public range at Kanawha State Forest was a place I visited frequently. One day I was out there with some friends and it was empty except for us. We were just shooting 1911s, some .22s, and my buddy's .22 Magnum wheel gun. Plinking stuff.

    We were getting ready to pack up and leave after a few more rounds when a guy shows up with a Mercedes SL600 and unpacked both an MG34 and MG42. They were legit full-auto registered MGs. He had some belts of Brazillian 8mm Mauser and proceeded to obliterate everything that had been left behind by others at the 100-yard berm.

    Definitely some interesting stuff floating around WV.


    Mar 27, 2008
    Constitutional carry. No rule generally. It was actually this past May that it was passed to even legally drive around with a loaded rifle in the front seat of your vehicle as long as you are not using it to pursue game.


    Junior Member
    Aug 15, 2022
    Mt Airy MD
    Unless it's something interesting .
    Let me tell you, when I took the nicest buck remembered on Halterman Hollow RD, with my 1912 Savage 1899H in 22 HiPower, with a 1912 Malcolm scope, every one was interested. It was only an 8 point at 130 pounds, but for a mountain deer it was a Dandy.


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