VP Harris - white house initiative issue

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  • teratos

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    Jan 22, 2009
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    Obamacare gave gov't access to all medical records with the electronic medical records mandate. Though universal access has not happened yet.
    Big Gov't pols are going to abuse this access once it goes live.
    If I have your name and DOB, you’d probably be appalled at the information I can pull up on you. Address, prescriptions, most office visit notes, test results.



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    Jan 5, 2022
    Harris wants to urge for stricter gun law in the event of the Maine Mass shooting. She blames there's not enough back ground checks.

    here's my issue with her:
    I don't know about Maine but I was required to go through a federal 15 minute background check when I purchased my AR15. I am pretty sure Maine has the same policy as well. Issue is if the Maine Mass shooter was commited into a Psychiatric hospital before, then why isn't that record on the background check?
    Also has a veteran and a fire arm instructor, I am pretty sure he had the gun before he was commited to the psych help. So his background would've been squeaky clean before he can become military and a fire arm instructor.
    Anything they proposed would not have prevented this from happening.
    Democrats know that the rank and file are usually much more primitive than we imagine. Propaganda therefore does not have to be accurate, but it always has to be essentially simple and repetitious.


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    chili, I think you are comparing apples to oranges in your scenario, and I already answered the question twice (and now a 3rd time), I am not the smart guy in the room.

    However I still stand by my statement that WE better help figure out a solution that WE can live with, OR someone else will force crap down our throats.

    2 ideas are in this thread:

    1) Link mental health to NICS

    2) Actually TREAT mental health

    Anyone else wants to come up with something better, have at it.
    Raineman, I am not disputing that I may have an apples and oranges comparison, I also made my statements not in opposition nor in confusion of anything you presented.

    I also wasn't trying to make a bigger deal of the facts you listed above.

    My questions were basically the gray areas of how things are today, and I tried to use some illustrations on scenarios where the anti's may try to use these as ammo for their arguments to ban and have registries etc.

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