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  • DocSavage

    The Man of Bronze
    May 30, 2012

    I've posted this also in Engage Armament's IP section. But I wanted to mention it here as well...


    Let me first thank you for opening the shop today - normally CLOSED as it is one of your weekend days, to have the Genesis Firearms' crew in to hold an amazing Utah concealed carry class.

    For those unfamiliar, this is the best and most complete non-resident concealed carry permits to obtain, it covers 32 states, soon to be 33, more importantly it covers ALL of the surrounding states to our "beloved" Maryland-inistan...

    Many of you know I've worked for a tiny little FD locally for a few days now as a fireman/paramedic/emergency communicator, and I am a state F/R instructor as well teaching all EMS basic and Paramedic level classes as needed at my FD Academy. I therefore offer the following review of the class.

    Starting on time, the class consisted of 22 students, Andy and myself from the shop side, and at least 5 members of the Genesis Firearms team ready to assist with check-in. The classroom was the sales floor of the shop - reconfigured to accommodate the large class in a very familiar fashion. All members of the class came prepared with appropriate paperwork and documentation and lined up for a quick and orderly check in.

    Xeroxes made, fingerprint forms filled out, all students were directed to wash hands and submit for fingerprinting. As the students began to fill up the line, a second fingerprinting station was opened up and seamlessly took the overflow. I have not seen such organization and ease with which the normally difficult process of registration for any adult education class took place. (I wish I could have such an experience in my next CPR class.)

    Completely professional, the ADL's of the class were explained - coffee, donuts, and the facilities were pointed out. The instructor for our class, a friendly fellow named Pirren explained what made him qualified to teach our class. Satisfied with his credentials as explained, I settled in for what I thought would be a very dry day.

    I couldn't be more pleasantly surprised! The syllabus, though heavy in written content was supplemented by the jovial nature of our instructor, Pirren. His comic relief was key in freshening up what would normally be a very stiff curriculum. Understand, that the Utah class is mandated to cover certain topics, in a certain fashion, but Pirren's ability to make the information more topical was critical in keeping the adult learner engaged and interested.

    The Genesis Firearms team treated us like adults, did not speak down to us as if we were children, and encouraged friendly discourse from all levels of shooters. We had a wide range of students from those new to firearms ownership - to those looking to gain more education through certified classes, this class was a nice cross section of who our customers represent - citizens who believe that knowledge is the answer in protecting our 2nd Amendment rights.

    Breaks were liberal, the coffee and donuts plentiful, and between topics, Andy and I answered many questions regarding the shop, weapons systems, and the future of the sport. Getting back on topic was seamless, truly, as the students - myself included were eager to see what came along next. The printed material was helpful and the short clips really made the learner take stock and ask good questions as to how they might react given the same set of circumstances.

    One thing I did learn was that my ingrained notion of flight INSTEAD of fight to protect myself or my loved ones, is one born of ill conceived notions of the law. I know now that if I or my loved ones are threatened in our home, and we fear for our safety and well being - to defend ourselves first is just and correct - the liberal establishment have brainwashed us to think otherwise!

    For me personally, the best part of the class were the video segments of real scenarios, and group discussion thereafter. The big take away from that was that I really NEED more education - not just at the target range, but in dealing with real threats, and how to overcome them in reality. To that end, I have made a promise to myself to take any class that Engage Armament teaches - no matter the cost or whether it "fits" into my perceived need for it - who knows, I may just find that "pearl" that may save my life...or yours...

    Thanks again to Engage Armament for hosting the class, and to Genesis Firearms for leading the instruction... We have a saying in the FD that really applies...

    "Let no Fireman's ghost return to say his training let him down..."

    This training wont let me down - further it moves me to seek out more...


    Ian StJohn


    Active Member
    MDS Supporter
    ****It WAS a great class. Hopefully, some of us can get together once we get our permits to apply for FL which has additional requirements that our instructor can help us with. The class provided us with some really nice material, and scenarios that most people like myself hadn't thought of in terms of when it is legally justifiable to use deadly force, clearing jams or throw your gun properly if that doesn't work, etc..

    Lots of videos and Q&A time as well. Money well spent.


    Active Member
    Industry Partner
    Nov 13, 2009
    I never said throw your gun, I suggested you use it as a club. Remember there is no such thing as a fair fight, when your life is on the line.

    Thank you for attending, I hope you can make good use of the training and permit..

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