Trump visits a gun store in SC

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  • KingClown

    SOmething Witty
    Jul 29, 2020
    Deep Blue MD
    Much worse legislative prospect?

    He was the president and could have vetoed that prospect.
    No he couldnt have. They had a veto proof majority salivating to ban classes of weapons again.
    Dont forget the republicans only like guns when its a voting issue. Otherwise all the establishment right wants us disarmed too.
    Think about it. Handguns kill more people than any other gun yet they want AR's and AK's and other semi auto rifles. Why? I think its because they want to do something we would shoot them for. An AR is a much better defense and offense weapon against a large group. If they thought what they said they did they would be going after handguns.
    Doesnt change the fact the bump stock ban took the wind out of thier sails and is easier to fight then a law put forth by congress with a veto proof majority. And the veto proof would be a talking point in court too


    Nov 15, 2020
    Belcamp, MD Harford County
    I never really liked him either, but that's not why we hired him. He DID do a great job as president when he wasn't fending off his corrupt attackers.
    This, I have never understood the argument "I don't like" as if your hiring a Saint or if he was running for King of the Prom. Likes don't come into it. It's rather a childish attitude. Your not going to quit you job because you work with someone you don't like unless they are personally harassing you. You don't move to another city, state or neigborhood because of a neighbor you don't like barring extremes so why would you even use personal likes or dislikes as any kind of basis for picking leaders. People who typically default to this argument rarely can back up as to what he did in running the country they object too that is germainder to the general welfare.

    As to the being a divder non argument, Americans are divided over a number of things and always have been only the what and the amount has changed. The reasons Americans are currently divided have roots in things decades ago and not ameriable to having some leader magically swoop in and save day cape flying in the breeze. I naturally distrust the meglomania of someone who actually believed their own ******** enough to convince them they could be a uniter as it is currently and carelessly bandied about much less picked thier leaders on such a dubious claim.


    Jan 15, 2011
    Kensington MD
    "Divisive" is how politics today is played. I appreciate clear choices...but being an a$$hole isn't confined to one party...and name calling is par for the course. Trump is constantly called "divisive" but if you accurately refer to Obama that way you're a "racist". If you accurately refer to Biden that way you're called something else inflammatory.

    I'd much rather base observations on policy and results of the policies. In that case Trump is a clear cut winner and Biden and Obama clear cut matter how the media plays it. Judge parties and office holders on their results not rhetoric.


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