Trapping in MD

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  • E.Shell

    Active Member
    Feb 5, 2007
    The right side of the grass.
    Here's my reply to your PM asking the same question.

    Just for future reference, know that asking questions in PMs that are posted publicly tends to waste everyone's time. Usually, we (who bother to try to help) all spend our time typing (duplicate) answers that are often already resolved on the public forum.

    The very best advice I can give you is to get a pro now. This is not for inexperienced city folks or the faint of heart. If they do anything themselves, 99% chance they'll immediately be sprayed, which is the ONLY danger a skunk poses.

    Do know that anything they try that fails will make it harder (and more expensive) for the pro to remove them. It's tough to catch animals that are educated by amateur trappers and persecuted to the point of being paranoid.


    If they really want to take that chance, they can go to a farm/feed store and get a HavaHart live trap and trap them out. They need one of the 7" x 7" variations. Too large a trap and the skunk can lift it's tail and spray while in the trap.

    If one is caught, move slowly and talk gently to it as you cover the trap with a small drop cloth or tarp. Once he's tarped over, he will calm down and not likely spray.

    The exciting thing is getting them out of the trap alive. Best to drown them in the trap (submerge the whole thing), but I suspect your city friends will be unable and unwilling to do this. They can be released with about a 25% chance of being sprayed at that time, although MD law does not provide for relocating wildlife yourself.

    Tell them to research "skunk trapping" for more info, but if I was in charge of their laundry, I'd call a pro...

    Good luck,
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    Thanks for the great answer Ed!

    I posted the question here first, then sent a PM to a couple of you, basically just to say I had posted the question, and ended up just included the entire question in the PM so which ever way you prefer you had the question. They really needed some advice quickly so I double tapped on this one, thank you again, so much :)

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