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  • Biggfoot44

    Active Member
    Aug 2, 2009
    I said I would do my periodically repeating observations a cpl weeks ago , what with the new members , and increased interest , Opps , I'm slow .

    Strictly speaking this should be Maryland 2A rather than here , but the discussions are showing up here .

    When discussing Transporting Firearms , there is Not One discussion , but rather Five . And people are usually going back & forth , when they are each having a seperate context . The FIVE :

    1. Actual Federal Law ( where applicable).
    2. Actual State Law ( where applicable ).
    3. General Recommendations made by major LE Agencies , in print , website , press release , or other comunication to the general public .
    4. What random individual LEO thinks/ says .

    5. Wise & Prudent practices by knowledgeable gun owners .

    Various of these might be in agreement , or all five can be different .

    Disclaimer - If you are knowingly and purposefully engaging in political or sociological activism , just follow #1 & #2 , and go for it . But. This thread focus on going normally about your regular life .
    Handguns in context of W&C is already being multiply discussed , and I will largely skip .

    1. Invoking FOPA for INTERSTATE travel , is where you see gun & ammo being seperate , at least one of them out of reach, and in certain circumstances , locked .

    2. Maryland state law only requires ammo/ loaded magazines not actually IN the gun .( And handguns not involving a W&C to be Encased , which includes a holster w/ a strap ) ( And grandfathered local restrictions pre dating Preemption in Baltimore , MoCo , Leonardtown ).

    Long Guns do Not have restrictions on only being transported to/ from specific places/ activities . So yeah , you can tote around your rifle/ shotgun all the time in your vehicle UNloaded , and be legal .

    3. Offical PD Recommendations usually have a starting point of paraphrasing state law , sometimes " recommending additional discretion \ security steps .

    4. Random individual LEO , you can ask 10 of them , get 15 answer .

    5 . Wise & Prudent - Being Legal is a baseline . But protecting your guns from damage , wear , and theft is also wise .

    If you're going to ride around regularly with Old Betsy bouncing in your trunk , a case is wise simply to protect it.

    If you drive a smart car , Corvette , or standard cab compact pickup , you ain't got a useable trunk for your rifle/ shotgun/ musket . Hanging in the window for all the honest world to feel ( Merle Haggard reference ) is legal . But blanket/ towel / jacket/ etc thrown over the case would decrease the theft risk , and give a measure of not as blatantly standing out . ( Again , IF you're trying to stand out on purpose , disregard .)

    Taking pistol to the range , Without a W&C ? Yes, unloaded pistol in holster on your belt , with box of ammo or loaded mag in your pocket , Does meet the letter of 4-203 . Maybe someday . Open Carry will become so accepted , that everyone would just assume you are W&C open carrying . But historically , and still at the moment , doing so is heavy duty Bear Poking . For no muss , no fuss , doing your range thing sans W&C , a range bag / pack , etc. Is wise , plus totes your eyes , ears , targets , tools , etc easily .


    Apr 25, 2015
    Thanks for the run down and sanity check. I've had multiple people, including a local gun shop, tell me that in MD, you have to have a handgun in a locked case when transporting it in your car. I went back and re-read what's on the MSP site, and it just says case. I then read the actual code, and it just said in a case. It left me wondering where this locked angle came from, and if it was just a CYA to cover a worst case cop, or if there were local jurisdictions that had different laws.

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