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  • scottyfz6

    Dec 22, 2018
    I used to know a city cop who went to the mta police for about 6 months. The main reason he left was he was under direct orders to do at least 1 full search of an out of state vehicle a day preferably 2. He was point blank told if the person did not permit the search to "find" a reason.
    He had a list of questions they gave him to give reasons for searches. They included things like new york tags with any visible or admissions of cartoons of cigarettes, it would be to confirm the amount the person had and confiscate any thing more than the allowed. Obviously the smell of weed, or other drugs. They also had k9s on patrol that could be there quickly. etc.
    He told me he actually went home everyday feeling like a "nazi looking for jews", his words.


    Patriot Picket
    Dec 16, 2010
    Carroll County!
    There were more than one or two stops MDTA on 95. I had even posted the name of the offensive officer. When one officer looks for guns in folks trunks, it’s too much.
    SCOTUS says if officer is told gun is in trunk the stop is over. Can’t look in the trunk for a gun that is acknowledged as being in the trunk.
    Maybe it was the 4th and not SCOTUS. But all the same to Marylanders.

    Sent from an undisclosed location.


    Junior Member
    MDS Supporter
    Aug 19, 2013
    Sussex County, Delaware
    When you think about it, even "CCW" doesn't make any sense. "I've got my [whatever state] Concealed Carry Weapon." Does ANY state actually refer to the permit as a "CCW?"
    Delaware does. You can carry a knife, hatchet, gun or whatever on the license CONCEALED. You can open carry without a license any of the listed items or whatever else is deadly.


    Junior Member
    Blaster - I love ya, but you got this one wrong.
    This happened back when I was Deputy Chief of Staff for Smiegel, The officer that made that stop, and his boss, sent a response to a request from the House Judiciary Committee to clarify the situation.

    It went some thing like this:
    Pulls vehicle over for unsafe lane change/excessive speed coming out of the Harbor tunnel.
    Asks for DL, Registration, Proof of insurance
    Officer notices FL CCW in wallet behind DL as the driver pulls DL
    Officer asks about weapons
    Driver replies - None
    Officer smells odor of marijuana, asks all occupants to exit the vehicle
    Officer asks wife about weapons
    Wife answers - he normally keeps them in the console or glove compartment
    Search ensues
    No weapons, no wacky weed found
    Ticket for unsafe operation issued
    Driver sent on his way.
    I may still have the reply letters in my files somewhere if you are interested.
    I’m more concerned about why his wife didn’t exercise her 5th Amendment right.

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