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    Active Member
    Apr 20, 2009
    Catonsville, MD
    We have a guy in our club that I am pretty sure has a Savage Thompson (might be a Bridgeport). His gun had the barrel welded to the side of the receiver and a pin installed in a drilled hole in the bottom of the receiver. So when they were re-activating the gun, they grinded down the barrel weld, where you see read below. They drilled out pin you see in blue below. It was drilled and welded on the bottom. So then replaced the front grip bar and replaced the barrel. They then parkerized the gun. Parking is a lot easier than bluing, so its the cheap easy way to refinish. Many times these guys were re-activated long enough ago that it might not having been working spending a lot of rebluing. Its a different story now. However you can see how the edges of his receiver are slightly melted looking. Its not a big deal for a shooter gun, I would buy one. However it does kill some of the collector value. If I had a 1928 Tommy that was parked incorrectly, I would get it reblued at this point. Its worth the money. My current Tommy was reblued and I think it looks pretty nice.


    Here is some video of my gun as received. I upgraded and changed a few things since then. You can see mine was made in West Hurley NY, which was the last place that made them and are the lease desirable version. However they are also the least expensive and since I plan to shoot the sh@t out of mine... :)


    Active Member
    Sep 2, 2011
    Fairfax, VA
    How did get the serial off the picture? I could not make that out.
    The paper tag says “serial # S-174199 on it.

    I’m pretty sure that’s long after the L sight and smooth barrel were introduced, but I think Lyman sights and finned barrels continued to be sprinkled into production.

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