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  • Tebonski

    Active Member
    Jan 23, 2013
    Harford County
    I need CCI 34 for my Garand. For trade I have Federal LR Gold Medal Match or Federal LP blue box, or CCI LR Magnum primers. Harford County, Baltimore County area. Meet in person only.

    Ray Savage

    Nov 29, 2021
    I have 270 , 22 250 and 220 swift dies, looking to trade any one of these for 7mm mauser / 7x57 dies. Also could use 7 mm mag or 243 dies if they are full length. I'm in Washington county and will go as far east as frederick. I'm not on the site much so feel free to call or text to get a quicker responce, 2408760809


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    Ultimate Member
    Jul 19, 2014
    Are you looking for 9-1/2 or 9-1/2M ? I could use either Federal LR Gold Medal Match or CCI LR Magnum primers and have Rem 9-1/2 (not M), but no 34s. We could do a 3-way trade.. :gun3:


    Ultimate Member
    Oct 17, 2022
    Southern Delaware
    26 Game King 7mm 175 gr and 500 Rem 9 1/2 Large Rifle Primers in Lewes Delaware...


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    Ultimate Member
    MDS Supporter
    Apr 8, 2013
    Howard County
    I am building a new toy in 6 ARC. Looking for a few 6 mm (0.243) bullets in the 100-110 gr weight to do some load testing. I am able to find 90 gr bullets, but having trouble finding a decent source for the heavier bullets.

    I have 308, 9 mm, 40/100 mm bullets and 6.5 bullets I can trade.
    Have a large amount of unprocessed 308 brass.
    Have some sized and gauged for and M1 Garand 30-06 brass that have been wet tumbled and are ready to load as well.

    I can also trade for primers.


    NRA Patron Member
    Apr 5, 2012
    Damascus. MD
    I need large rifle primers. I have CCI large pistol magnum primers that I can trade. Also have 3 x 1lb Ramshot Enforcer (new) that I will never use and can trade. Also will take 45LC, 6.5 Grendel or 6.5 Creedmoor brass.


    Bad influence
    Jan 18, 2007
    I have:
    .224 valkyrie brass
    300blk brass both tumbled and primer ready
    7.62x39 brass
    308 brass both tumbled and primer ready
    223 brass both tumbled and primer ready
    6.5 creed brass primer ready
    9mm brass primer ready
    .38 spl brass
    .44 mag brass
    Nosler 105 RDF projectiles
    Hornady .458 350gr interlock projectiles
    21pcs hornady 454 casull brass
    48pcs starline 45 colt brass
    40pcs hornady 25-06 brass
    54pcs magtech 44-40 brass

    I want:
    Berger 243 projectiles: 88FB, 95vld hunting, 95 classic hunter, 105 hybrid, 105 vld hunting
    Nosler 243 projectiles: 107cc, 100partition
    Berger 264 projectiles: 130 hybrid, 140 hybrid
    Nosler 264 projectiles: 140rdf
    Sierra 264 projectiles: 130tgk, 140tgk
    Berger 308 projectiles: 155 hybrid
    Speer 224 projectiles: 62 or 75 gold dot
    Nosler 224 projectiles: 64BSB, 60 partition, 70AB, 55BTip, 60BTip
    Winchester WSP
    Cci 500 primers
    Cci 450 primers
    Cci 200 primers
    AR comp
    5 or 10 round accurate or ai brand 223 magazines

    I70 corridor between 81 and 29, preferably.
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    Ray Savage

    Nov 29, 2021
    I have four unopened 1 lb bottles of accurate 2200, got it when I got low on varget but im stocked up again. Let me know if you can use it and we can work out a trade that works for you. I live in Williamsport md, can meet anywhere from frederick county west. Can use powder or bullets for 223, 22 250, 243, 6.5 and 7mm. Also can use 22 250, or 6.5 creedmoor brass. call or text is faster then me checking this site. 2408760809, thanks Ray

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