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Taurus GX4 holster option

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  • sckno3

    patience is a virtue
    May 7, 2013
    fwiw, just wanted to share the info...

    the GX4 fits in my glock 19 and 26 holsters.

    the 19 is a "mark twain holsters" appendix.
    the 26 is a fobus apn.

    both just needed a little tension added, and then fit great & snapped into place firmly with no interference with the mag release or anything else.

    pleasantly surprised.
    wanted to share.


    patience is a virtue
    May 7, 2013
    300rds is a good start!

    i heard the g43 holsters fit a little more snugly, so thats also a possible option, but i just tried what i had handy.

    i may end up ordering a gx4 specific holster when more quality options come online, but for now, this works.


    patience is a virtue
    May 7, 2013
    just confirmed the g43 holster, specifically the Blackhawk Stache, which has a model marketed as compatible for the glock 43 AND the gx4, does indeed fit, but the mold, length, and snap-fit are all clearly made to fit the g43 - it just happens to also work for the gx4.

    the Stache is longer than necessary for the gx4, re-holstering is sketchy as it tends to pinch shut in the trigger guard area when the pistol is drawn out, and the mold is clearly made for the glock.

    but it does fit, and is surprisingly comfortable (by my standards), and conceals really well with the pistol riding low appendix, and the medium thickness claw/wing attachment. i really like the Stache belt clip, but wish it fit 1.75" belts. it is only big enough for 1.5" belts, and not really thick "double layer leather" ones either.

    it also allows for a better concealment while still allowing a solid grip on the draw, compared to other gx4 specific holsters like the Fobus Extraction TGX4, which is a great holster, with an excellent fit to the firearm, and perfect smooth snap-fit when holstering.

    the Fobus doesnt come with a claw or wing, but the Concealment Express ones work, and if you add a Dr. Scholls gel sole wedge to the body side of the kydex, this Fobus is a good choice too. wore it "comfortably" for 1.5hr drive, all day moving around- walking, sitting, standing, and drove home 1.5hrs, all with no pain or significant discomfort, and really good concealment.

    just wanted to share in case anyone else is still looking for holster options and wondering what some of these ones actually are like to live with.

    i can also say i've tried a couple different ulti clips with a few different aiwb holsters and i'm not a fan. for appendix carry of a firearm, with a belt on, it doesnt do anything better than a good ole belt clip, and isnt worth the hassle. for beltless carry of a very very small holstered firearm or attaching a knife or other object to a pack or something - then it would be a good tool.

    peace. merry christmas. be safe yall.

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