Switching the FN SLP to a left-handed safety

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  • BenL

    John Galt Speaking.
    I need to switch my FN to a left-handed safety. Although FN advertises this as a feature of the gun, they don't show you how to do it in the manual. I emailed FN, but got the "lawyer" response:

    We recommend that you either contact our Service Center to get a Quote from one of our Tech’s for how much they will charge to make the Switch or contact your local Gunsmith and have him do it.

    FNH USA Service Center

    Thank you!

    Bob XXXXX
    Customer Support Manager


    Does anyone know how to do this? Since it's a feature of this shotgun, I would assume it's not too painful to do. I did my 870, and it took ~2 minutes.

    ETA: Ok, I got the spring and detent out (very easy), but can't figure out how to get the safety itself out to flip it. Any ideas?
    I found these instructions on another forum. It's for a Winchester SX2, which is the same thing. Start by removing the trigger group.

    It is fairly simple to reverse the safety. Pull out the trigger group, and just above the safety, there is an odd shaped spring inletted into the guard itself. Carefully pull this straight out with needle nose pliers, being careful to grab the detent pin above it. Noting how the spring is located on that side, pull safety out and put it in the other side of the trigger guard, then put detent pin and spring in over the safety on the opposite side of the gun of which it was removed. Not the greatest directions, but it really is that easy. It is good to know how to do this, because the spring and detent area tend to collect gunk making the safety very hard to move. Good luck.


    John Galt Speaking.
    Thanks; that what I was afraid of. My safety doesn't "pull out." The odd shaped spring and detent came out just fine; the safety is stuck. It won't slide out. It seems like it should just slide right out, but it won't.

    ETA: OK, with ID's instructional find (thanks, Indis...De...) I was emboldened to "encourage" the safety. I took a wooden dowel and gently nudged it. (OK, I hit it with a hammer. :o )

    Worked like a charm. :party29: Thanks, guys. I'm all set.

    It looks like there was a small bur on the back of the notch on the trigger that interfaced with the safety. When the safety finally came out, the bur came with it (smaller than a grain of sand). Quick function test demonstrates the lefty safety works fine. Now to find a place I can break it in.
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