Straight wall for deer

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  • bigjohn

    Active Member
    Jun 29, 2007
    Most states say the 45-70 is legal. I can’t find out if delaware says yes or no. Any other places to check?


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    MDS Supporter
    Mar 7, 2011
    Free?? State
    Rifles chambered for straight-wall ammunition may be used to hunt deer in Delaware.
    Only straight-wall cartridges usable in handguns may be used that are of .357 to 38 caliber with a case length no less than 1.25 inches and a maximum case length of 1.82 inches, or .41 caliber to maximum of .50 caliber and a maximum case length of 1.82 inches. Case length excludes the bullet portion of the cartridge.
    Open, metallic/mechanical, optical and telescopic sights may be used.
    These rifles cannot be loaded with more than three cartridges in the chamber and magazine combined when hunting deer.
    These rifles may only be used for deer hunting in place of a shotgun during the November and January shotgun deer seasons or in place of a handgun during the January handgun deer season.
    These rifles cannot be used for deer hunting north of the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal.
    For additional information on deer hunting, please call the Wildlife Section at 302-739-9912.

    This is from website


    Active Member
    Jun 29, 2007
    Thanks. The 45-70 is a touch long for their requirements. One dnr officer said it was legal. The other argued it wasn’t

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