Sheriffs Deputy Glenn Hilliard

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  • Doco Overboard

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    I just heard Tunnels to Towers purchased Wicomico County sheriff's Deputy First Class Glenn Hilliard's place for his wife and three children.
    If you ever go down business 50, heading east through the town of Salisbury on the right, before Nanticoke Rd. and the armory on the left is a tribute memorial for him.
    I think it was possibly constructed by a member of family or a private citizen.
    He was fatally wounded chasing some multiple felony scum bag around Pittsville that was off on a tangent from several jurisdictions in the state of Maryland.
    It was multiple agencies from around the area that finally captured the perpetrator and brought him to justice.
    I don't think any kind of justice could prevail from the impact of losing an officer such as he from a community perspective, let alone the anguish and pain his family and three small children have to continually bear for the rest of their lives.
    It was two years ago nearly to this day the deputy sacrificed his life and personal well being serving our local community and the citizens of Maryland as a whole.
    Lately Ive been passing by the memorial to him noticing it and learned this today right before I was able to return to the house just a short while ago so the news had a particular impact on me.


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    Jun 8, 2013
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    Great way to honor him and his life by taking care of his family, it is what all men want .

    T2T is an amazing organization, I salute our hero’s


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    Jan 1, 2019
    I remember it well,,
    I sent his picture to some of our state senators (when it happened) reminding them that THEY are responsible for this Deputies death, equal or more so than the actual felon that committed the crime.


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    Jan 14, 2013
    Urbana, Md.
    I feel for his family and hope this kind gesture helps with their loss.

    Personally I think life insurance policies should be high enough for all the high risk occupations to cover family needs for life.

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