Shelf Weight Loading

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  • Rockzilla

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    Feb 6, 2010
    55.751244 / 37.618423
    It is right around 40" wide (20" deep) I made it to fit that space. Each shelf is framed 2x4s. I did consider the center cross but felt the span wasn't long enough to bother.

    There is no racking at all right to left (or front to back) the unit is totally solid as those dados you see are exact measurements of the 2x4. The screws just hold it together the stand is solid wood from top to bottom and no bolts are in sheer. I used to build aquarium stands and used the same general design with wood supporting the load 100%.

    The below is the reloading bench I just completed and I am kind of thinking I should have planned on the reloading bench in the alcove space and the ammo shelves along the side.

    View attachment 371473
    that looks fine, bench space is where I spread out on (real estate wise) elbow room..



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    Jun 23, 2015
    Those shelves look pretty sturdy... I'd estimate you are only at about 25% of load capacity... load them up. I've got cheap press board bookshelves carrying more weight than that.
    For sure.

    My inexpensive Harbor Freight reloading bench has probably 250-300lbs on the lower shelf as that is where I store all of my boxed bullets and spare press. My bagged bullets are on my metal "600lbs per shelf" metal shelving. I am not sure I'd want 600lbs on a shelf unless it is VERY well distributed as there is some visible (but small) sagging with the weight I do have on them. Then again, some of those shelves probably do have 300lbs of ammo in cans/crates and bullets on a shelf.

    I am not looking forward to someday moving all this. Then again, I am also looking forward to someday moving.


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    MDS Supporter
    Nice....use every bit of space you got, how about the dishwasher??


    ******That works ok, depending on the dishwasher I guess. At least until you want to put a load in it... Your load... :innocent0


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