Scope Mounting on Handguard?

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  • sajidakh

    Active Member
    Dec 28, 2010
    So I'm trying to setup my for SPR/Reece/doitallfrom0-600 AR. I know the old mantra is not to mount any optics to the handguard. However I am also a nose to charging handle type of guy. Like that 4th index point and gets me a consistent sight picture everytime. In order to do that wIth the PA 1x8 it needs to occupy a little forward rail space and is "bridging the gap,"

    I sort of dropped tested the rifle by letting it fall off the bipod and land on the scope a few times. I saw minimal POI shift at 50 yards. The scope mount is a Scalarworks LEAP which is supposey the best 34mm on the market right now. My shots seemed ok and simply danced around the center line of the target. Its probably more me than the gun but i plan on doing running and gunning so I do need to move the scope back to rest completely on the receiver?

    Note: Rifle is a complete KAC LPR MOD 2 with the MLOK upper.

    My much BIGGER problem is the offset RMR. I have never messed with offset sights before but its been a headache. I mounted on an Arisaka 2 piece offset RMR 45 degree mount. Permatexed all the mount screws and blue loctited the picitanny mount screw and RMR mounting screws. I would get a decent grouping do the same drop test and then be off target at least 5 or 6 inches. Everytime. And no pattern to it. Sometimes left. Sometimes top right. I double checked all the screws when I got home and everything solid. Is it because the RMR is mounted on the front handguard or should I send it back to trijicon? If i mount it on the receiver it would be way too far back with the available rail slace amd would affect fast acquisition of the dot which is its primary purpose. Do offset mounts inherently have less ability to return to zero after a bump? After all the if the rifle is falling to that side all the weight goes into the RMR first. But ive seen pistol drop tests onto concrete from shoulder height where the RMR did not lose zero.

    Any suggestions:


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    Park ranger

    Ultimate Member
    Dec 6, 2015
    White oak makes a nice riser that will extend beyond the handguard but not touch it. .5" high. 80 bucks.

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