SB1 (2023) - Criminal Law - Wearing, Carrying, or Transporting Firearms - Restrictions (Gun Safety Act of 2023)

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  • pcfixer

    Ultimate Member
    May 24, 2009
    MSI is representing its members, as is saf and fpc. Any judgment will inure to the benefit of all the members of each org. who have carry permits. The suit is a a facial attack, not an as applied challenge. The State will not enforce a statute declared to be facially unconstitutional. It would be just too dumb for words and they are not that dumb.
    interesting statement! Our prayer for relief is a Full PI , judgment in our favor of course.


    Past President, MSI
    MDS Supporter
    Apr 6, 2011
    This latest round illustrates a cpl of my usual points :

    1. Despite what "we" think , to the Opposition , the NRA is still the 800 lb gorilla . The main name they recognize , and the one they fear .
    I'm fine with the Anti-2A crowd focusing all of their energy on the NRA, but in Maryland, after Shannon left, MSI became the 800 lb gorilla in Annapolis.

    2 . They get more energized to earn their bones to " Fight the NRA " , than they would over the underlying issues
    And in doing so, they let MSI, and to a lesser extent SAF, GOA, and others, slide into the room without an issue.

    On one level it's frustrating to see NRA steal the thunder of the other National 2A Orgs and independent state level Orgs . But hopefully it will leave them distracted to be smacked by the other better prepared Orgs flying under their radar .
    I don't think they are stealing any thunder, I think the name recognition is what made it the lead lawsuit over the MSI et al. lawsuit. And I'm fine with that at the national level, and for MOMs and MPGV to concentrate their efforts and energy against. Let them beat themselves against that wall, it keeps our intact.


    Past President, MSI
    MDS Supporter
    Apr 6, 2011
    I don't know if the NRA is really still the 800lb gorilla, but it's definitely being useful drawing rhetorical fire away from the other groups like MSI and SAF who can do the heavy lifting. Let the Antis concentrate their legal and PR resources on fighting the "Evil NRA" while ignoring the solidly argued briefs coming from other plaintiffs.

    It doesn't matter which of the suits wins, as long as one does. To me, the most significant threat is they all get joined into one by the courts and we end up with an Anti judge at District who drags their feet on a TRO/PI and final decision, and/or we have to face a single hostile panel at 4CA for all the cases. Two different District judges not granting a PI and third granting one means a PI is in place; the two "no"s don't negate the "yes".* Ultimately we'll win at SCOTUS, but the Antis can make it an expensive, long slog to get there.

    *Yes, I know the suits don't all hit the exact, same issues. But it's still a win if we can knock out some of the most noxious parts of the new law.
    ^^^^^ This ^^^^^


    The M1 Does My Talking
    MDS Supporter
    Dec 30, 2006
    Carroll County

    But my membership doesn't have an expiration if i wanted to print my card!

    Click on this link.

    Pay $25



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    May 24, 2009

    My card has an expiration date on it. lower right corner.

    Keep up the yearly card, your behind.


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    Yeah, Sweet Lemonade.
    Oct 22, 2007
    Howard County
    Well, that's interesting.... :facepalm:

    "4 Maryland laws going into effect in July: Title IX, cannabis, firearms, students with disabilities"​

    "ANNAPOLIS, Md. (DC News Now) — New legislation will take effect next month in Maryland."

    "From Title IX information being provided at schools to the search and seizure of cannabis, here are a few laws going into effect on July 1."

    "Prohibiting firearms in certain areas"​

    "The law prohibits someone from wearing, carrying or transporting a firearm to specific areas — such as somebody’s personal property or onto government or public areas — unless they have specified exceptions."

    "The bill also states that the Secretary of State Police will no longer be able to mandate when and where people can carry their firearms."

    "Anyone who violates this law could face either up to one year in jail or a fine of up to $1,000 or both.



    MD Wear&Carry Instructor
    Industry Partner
    MDS Supporter
    Sep 25, 2011
    Outside the Gates
    Haven't seen any of the actual regulation text yet. Wonder how long it'll be til that is published
    This is not an unknown, under the Maryland Constitution, we do not see it until the special combined committee approves what the state police propose in COMAR in September

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