Route 340 Jefferson County Possible Closure Sep-Dec 2022

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  • bcr229

    Jul 15, 2011
    Inwood, WV
    Just a heads-up as I know a lot of people commute from the EPH along that road. This is info from today's meeting.

    The Jefferson County delegation to the State Legislature met today at 9am with WV Secretary of Transportation Jimmy Wriston and several staff people at the Division of Highways (DOH), to discuss the DOH plan to close US 340 "between the bridges" for 3 months. The closure is necessary for work to be done stabilizing rock on the Loudoun Heights part of the Blue Ridge Mountain. The rock there has been determined to pose imminent danger to traffic on that portion of 340.

    The closure will begin at the end of September and last until December 31. During that time traffic will be routed south via Virginia Route 671 to Virginia Route 9 near Hillsboro, and then west via Route 9 into West Virginia.

    I suggested that rather than route traffic on that 22 mile detour, the DOH erect, with permission from the state of Maryland, a temporary bridge (called a "Bailey" bridge) from Sandy Hook, MD, to Harpers Ferry. When I posted this idea yesterday, I was thrilled at the number of responses. Some favored the idea and some opposed it.

    However, the DOH said in our meeting this morning that the National Park Service had nixed the idea. So the idea of a temporary bridge is off the table.


    Active Member
    Jul 2, 2017
    Sun City West, AZ
    I only drive that road when going to Charles Town occasionally...good to know there's going to be such an interruption for several months. I will stay away or go to Sharpsburg and drive down through Shepherdstown if I need to.


    Active Member
    MDS Supporter
    Jan 18, 2013
    Thanks for the heads up. Some of the commenter at the link ask why is it an imminent threat in September but not now? Good question!

    I'll start avoiding the route right now!


    Jul 15, 2011
    Inwood, WV
    They probably can't start construction now due to the weather. I'm in Inwood and the construction at the Route 51/I-81 interchange looks pretty well shut down for now.

    Also may be a funding issue, the money may not be available to spend until the next federal fiscal year starts.

    What would be the quickest route back to Frederick?
    Depending on traffic/time of day/weather conditions I would cross into MD either in Hagerstown or Shepherdstown.

    Sewer Rat

    Active Member
    Bailey type bridge is a ludicrous idea... not substantial enough, plus costs to mod approaches on both sides...

    Shepherdstown people already up in arms over the potential traffic.... but realistically, it will be mainly the people that already use that route... I run through town to 230 to 340... a lot of us do.. we will just turn left vs going through town. More convenient for Fred-neck too...


    Active Member
    Feb 19, 2011
    Almost Heaven, WV
    Looks like the work has been postponed until at least the latter part of 2023.

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