Rifle Marksmanship With The M1 Rifle WWII videos

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  • Blacksmith101

    Grumpy Old Man
    Jun 22, 2012
    Five of the six training films (one is missing) produced to train recruits in WW II.

    Part 1 - Sighting and aiming TF 7-969 (Missing)
    Part 2 - Positions TF 7-652
    Part 3 - Trigger squeeze TF 7-1094
    Part 4 - Rapid fire TF 7-1062
    Part 5 - Elevation and windage TF 7-1100
    Part 6 - Zeroing and use of the score book TF 7-1101
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    Doco Overboard

    Active Member
    "But, we dont have a Hillbilly rifle, we have a M1"
    And our rifle has adjustable sights.
    So thats just what were going do. Adjust them, then... get behind the rifle
    and get on target.
    Lots of nice features on some of those rifles in the movies. Everyone should watch and take a look at these.
    Thanks for posting.


    Oct 17, 2022
    Southern Delaware
    Very through and comprehensive session on John Garands fabulous unequalled M1 Garand.

    The gun that made a major difference in WWII and other things. A privilege to shoot or own one of the great guns. The M1 a classic.

    Thanks for posting OP!

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