Poll Only Who Intends to not Change their Carry Behavior Next Month

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  • Will you carry as you usually do?

    • Yes

      Votes: 104 76.5%
    • No

      Votes: 11 8.1%
    • Undecided

      Votes: 26 19.1%

    • Total voters
    • This poll will close: .


    Deplorable Welder
    MDS Supporter
    Jun 8, 2013
    Underground Bunker
    I would never break the law or condone such things; all people need to follow their own belief system.

    I think that should sum things up.


    Active Member
    MDS Supporter
    *****Concealed means concealed.




    Active Member
    Feb 19, 2011
    Almost Heaven, WV
    I don't intend to change my carry habits, but then, I don't live in MD anymore. :innocent0;)
    Seriously, it's stuff like this that continues to validate our moving out of MD six years ago. We haven't looked back and only wish we had done it sooner. I feel for my gun-friendly friends, family and acquaintances who can't do the same.


    Deplorable Welder
    MDS Supporter
    Jun 8, 2013
    Underground Bunker
    We had met and talked to complete strangers in TN, the conversations pretty similar. Where are you from Maryland ...Oh sorry to hear that, NJ residents said they moved and retired down in TN years ago.

    Maryland and the liberal idiots have ruined this state, sad indeed.


    Active Member
    MDS Supporter
    Do you do crossfit? :rolleyes:

    ****Sometimes! :) I have other hobbies too. I shoot guns and stuff.

    I have a legal permit to carry, and am a law abiding citizen. I don't plan on breaking the law but if for whatever reason I was accused of doing so, I would hire the appropriate legal representation to challenge it, especially the silliness MoCo is doing starting Oct 1.

    The law will be challenged, and MoCo will lose this battle. I never thought Maryland would be shall issue yet here we are. Overall, gun rights are expanding in our favor nationwide and MoCo's silly attempted usurpation of an enumerated right will be gone once it is challenged in court to the benefit of all who have worked hard to get to where we are now in Maryland with shall issue and a legitimate path for many people to get a W&C that was very difficult to do just a bit more than a year ago.

    It's just a poll and not an admission of anything. Polls are popular on MDS - in addition to CrossFit - I also like voting in polls on MDS.

    Keep the polls coming. Love em'... Some are very creative.:thumbsup:


    Active Member
    Jan 1, 2012
    Elkridge, Gerrymanderland
    Good luck everyone. Now is probably a good time to review your SOP for hanging out and waiting for the police to show up to an incident vs going about your day. This law is designed to make you a criminal. I'd suggest thinking very long and hard about how much you cherish your freedom vs trusting the system to declare you not guilty after ruining your life.


    Feb 24, 2015
    It's a poll not a public statement of my intentions nor anyone else who votes. It's a good reason why ballots are secret in Democracy's Of course the people who are attacking gun rights are not respecter of voting rights either.
    While the default is to not display who votes for what with this forum software, the fact that it's even an option means that it's being logged by the system and therefore the MDS owner/operator could be forced to hand over that information with a subpoena.

    There's a reason in the poll I did a few days ago I explicitly said I wasn't going to ask the "other side" of the question so people wouldn't be telling on themselves. This is the other side of my question. Technically your intent to possibly do something at some point in the future isn't an admission of a crime, but this isn't a great idea regardless.

    Just my opinion, of course. People are welcome to do what they want.

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