P365X-Macro official release

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  • teratos

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    Jan 22, 2009
    Bel Air
    P 365 X-Macro K.

    I cut the frame to fit my standard 365 slide. Had to shape the front a bit to get rid of the pic rail. It fits my existing holsters
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    Mar 11, 2015
    I thought I'd bump this thread. I had the opportunity to try a few small pistols last weekend:

    Glock 43
    Sig 365 XL
    Sig 365 Macro

    The range I was on was a personal range with a myriad of steel targets - everything from gongs on chains to plates on stands, and small pieces of railroad rails on top of another piece of rail. The advantage of this was the ability to swing in an arc on a lot of larger and smaller individual targets, and also made for the opportunity to do quick acquisition/aiming and firing rather than just punching holes in a target silhouette. We had lots of practice ammo so we were able to mag dump our way around those targets a bunch of times with each pistol.

    I came away with a few thoughts on each:

    Glock 43: Decent pistol, and I was plenty accurate with it - this one had a Holosun optic which made hitting what I was shooting pretty easy. However, I didn't like shooting it at all. WIth every shot the blade in the trigger stung my trigger finger. I realize that for a carry pistol to be used in self-defense this really isn't a big deal, but it was my least favorite of the 3 to shoot, and also the least controllable.

    Sig 365 XL: I like this pistol - it filled up my hand, was easy to hit what I was shooting for, and it didn't sting the heck out of my trigger finger. I also liked the size - it's larger than the 10 round 365, but still fairly small. I found this pistol to be easier to control than the Glock 43.

    Sig 365 Macro: As a shooter, this one was clearly the best of the 3 and it seemed like we just kept shooting and shooting on a single mag - that 17 round mag goes a long way. It was VERY easy to control on follow-up shots, which was interesting because the actual barrel length is the same as the 365 xl, but it has the longer "ported" slide. I don't know if it's easier to follow up with because of the added weight, the porting in the slide, or the fact that the grip is just that much longer, but it was fun to shoot. Even shooting fast running around the arc of those steel targets, it just seemed like it wanted to hit what you were shooting for.

    Given the choice between the 3, I'd probably pick the 365 XL. The smaller size is appealing to me and although it wasn't as controllable as the 365 Macro, a person could become very proficient with it with minimal practice.

    By contrast, we also had my Sig 226 Mk25, and that thing is amazing when it comes to just being a fantastic shooter. It's a big pistol, so it wouldn't be my choice as a W&C pistol, but both me and my friend had a great time mag dumping that on the steel targets.

    Thank you for this, very helpful.


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    Jul 22, 2008
    Glen Burnie
    Thank you for this, very helpful.
    A quick note on this, I don't think that the second pistol was an XL - I think it was just a standard P365, but my friend bought the XL grip module because he wanted something a bit more substantial to hold onto other than the original 10 round grip, and he didn't like getting pinched by the extended 12 round mags on the original grip module.

    In any case, I liked that version a lot, and it's what I'll likely get myself - I'm actually looking into the Sig Armed Professional Program to see if I can garner a bit of a discount due to my military service - and navigating that isn't as straightforward as just going onto Gun Broker, finding what I want, and then buying that.


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    Aug 19, 2011
    My friends at GBRS Group has Macro holsters in stock(for now). These are made by Priority 1 and they are legit.
    My dad has this holster but eith different clips from priority 1. The monoblock belt clip is the way to go IMO. Wonder if I can find that clip elsewhere.


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    Sep 14, 2010
    Glen Burnie
    The one from GBRS does yea. But the one my dad has in hand, he ordered straight from priority 1 and it doesn't. I located a monoblock on Amazon though.
    Priority 1 has an accessory section and they sell them iirc.
    Definitely the best clips available.


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    Aug 2, 2009
    No it was never on the roster.

    Word is they may make an example of some dealers for selling it when it was not on the roster. It is easy to say "well it looks like a P365X so I thought it was good to go" but as a dealer it is our job to know which guns are legal to sale and which ones are not. Ignorance is not an excuse.

    I get you In General about Dealers having responsibility to know what's legal .

    BUT in this instance is non logical flip flopping by HRB . Back & Forth with the " every individual SKU needs to be submitted , no matter how slight the differences " vs " If the basic gun is approved , the variants from same Mfg are good also " .

    Under the latter , supposedly applicable , approach , It's actually marked as 365 X , and all internals are the same , and they function the same .

    For a while HRB seemed to be improving . But now they just slipped back into " Never mind what we said yesterday , we'll just randomly make $hit up today " .

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