OC traffic stop in O.C.

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  • Bertfish

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    Mar 13, 2013
    White Marsh, MD
    My friend in BCPD says to his knowledge they've seen no advisories regarding the change in the permit law to date. He wasn't shocked when I described this to him. What he said isn't illogical; til now the overwhelming majority of firearms encountered on persons by police have been illegally carried cause there were so few carry permits. So til adequate training is complete and briefings given many will still assume presence of a gun means a crime is being committed. He did readily agree that no criminal would OC


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    Feb 28, 2011
    Harford County
    Funny thing is that at the street level nothing in the law has changed.. For years the default position that if you had a gun, you were a criminal. They're all going to need to alter their mindset.(starting with the F***ing scum politicians)


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    Apr 26, 2012
    I'm trying to get a replay from the station... they have yet to reply back.
    Something to the effect that since Bruen you may see more people open carrying and that it is legal in Maryland with a permit to carry.


    Retired Master General El
    Oct 22, 2017
    SM County
    On Saturday, Sept. 17, 2022, I was in Ocean City, Maryland for O.C. Bike Week. While traveling north on Baltimore Ave. on my motorcycle, I noticed an O.C.P.D. officer on a side street. When I passed him, I noticed he pulled out behind me and attempted to catch up. I advised my friend that was riding next to me, at the next traffic light, as soon as we turn on to Ocean Hwy prepare to be stopped. As soon as we turned onto Ocean Hwy, the O.C.P.D. officer initiated a traffic stop. I stopped the vehicle and the command from behind was..." Driver... keep both hands on the handlebars." After complying with his command, the officer came toward and made contact with me. I advised him immediately that I have a valid Maryland Wear and Carry permit. He asked for my license and permit and I gave him permission to retrieve them from my right rear pocket. He looked at the permit and said he would be back. We both spoke at the same time, if memory serves correctly, and I said to him... "Are you calling the Gun Center?" as he was saying it to me. We were both on the same page. I noticed when he came back, his demeanor had changed for the better. I explained to him that Maryland issues a Wear and Carry permit and it is at the discretion of the permit holder the manor which the firearm would be carried, Open or Concealed. The officer responded that he believed me to be wrong. I said this is not the place to debate the issue, as by now, an armada of police vehicles operated by uniformed officers, as well as fully kitted tactical response officers and State Troopers had amassed behind me. I explained to him that Md. Code 4-203 and 5-307 are the sections governing carry permits and that is where he will find all the information that I had given him to be factual. He printed his phone number on an O.C.P.D. business card and asked me to call him and to forward this information so he could inform his department. I explained to him that the Bruen decision had eliminated the "Good and Substantial" reason needed for a permit and that a flood of applications, over 90,000, are at the Licensing Division of MSP. I told him that I am not going to be the last person he sees open carrying a firearm. The Corporal shook my hand and said he would appreciate that I cover it while in O.C. as the next officer that stops me may not be so cordial. The officer that initiated the traffic stop was absolutely professional and courteous.

    Since returning home from my trip, I have contacted the Office of the Attorney General. The Assistant Attorney General assigned to Maryland State Police is still Mark Bowen. I have a call in to him and while speaking to the secretary, she advised that she was taking notes and was emailing him as we spoke. I explained to her that I would like to have an official interpretation, in writing, how Maryland defines "Wear and Carry" with respect to Open or Concealed. I am awaiting a call, or preferably an email, from A.A.G Bowen.

    View attachment 380823
    Very good. The libtards in the MD "legislature" don't want the officers to know this, they would rather let them harass innocent citizens and cause them grief, than obey those laws! Good job, sir.


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    Aug 12, 2013
    Monkey County
    Very good. The libtards in the MD "legislature" don't want the officers to know this, they would rather let them harass innocent citizens and cause them grief, than obey those laws! Good job, sir.
    my fear is something that will affect the cops based on wrong information


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    Aug 26, 2009
    Montgomery County
    Well it’s called the Gun Center

    Maybe not

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    Active Member
    Jan 14, 2013
    Urbana, Md.
    This goes to show and prove the Maryland legislature does not care for its LEOA’s within the state of Maryland. Not to mention it’s citizens.

    Im almost inclined to believe they want problems between law abiding citizens and LEO’s.

    MSP has a big responsibility to understand and implement state firearm laws and it appears they could care less to do so. The MSP Gun Center is the only resource for LEO’s on patrol to get it right and to ensure citizens who are legitimately permitted to wear and carry are not unduly harassed, arrested or killed.

    Maryland officials if your trolling, get your shite together!


    Active Member
    Aug 2, 2009
    It sets cops up for problems, too.

    They're just collateral .

    The real behind the scenes , only 10% tin foil , motivation would be to set up high profile incidents of lawful carriers getting hassles , to dissuade average citizens from getting W&C , or carrying very often if they do .

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