New Sig P320 - anyone seen one in MD yet?

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  • Gryphon

    inveniam viam aut faciam
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    Mar 8, 2013
    I was at 2A last week to check out the P320. They said they can order the carry model and it's priced at $509 plus tax. Right around $540 out the door after Nov.17th when it's added to the roster.

    Buy online at $489, plus $15 and another $50 for the transfer puts you over $550 plus the cost of the fired casing.

    Support the local guy.

    Agreed, I do regularly, but to keep the numbers straight, go back and look at my post and see that the $489 includes night sights. 2A is not my regular shop, but I have given them some recent business and was quite satisfied. I looked at the full size model while at 2A, and asked about availability of the carry model, but the $509 at 2A was for contrast sights NOT tritium night sights a/k/a SigLites. So add another $80+ to keep things equal and your $540 becomes $620+, if they can get it. Never said local was the wrong way to go, its preferred, and I don't mind spending a few extra dollars to go local, by MY local hasn't been able to put his hands on what I wanted.

    All I was saying to those seriously interested that haven't been able to find what they want locally is that they can be found, and that you need to at least consider potential added costs.
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    Mar 11, 2010
    2A Sales has compact & full size P320's with night sights on the way. There will also be a few in FDE. :party29:
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