New Mexico House Bill 50 Limits Magazines To 9 Rounds

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  • press1280

    Active Member
    Jun 11, 2010
    I read somewhere it's introduced by the same person year after year, evidently whatever was last year didn't even get past committee and was also really watered down compared to whatever this trash is
    It's from an Albuquerque rep. Yea the bill is draconian as it gets, no grandfather clause,exc. Looks like there's no exception for even just transporting it through the state other than for a shooting competition (FOPA would override if a traveler had it in their trunk while just passing through the state I assume).
    This may be just an incredibly far left rep's wet dream which won't pass. 9 rounds is clearly an attempt at a near-total semi-auto ban.


    MDS Supporter
    Feb 10, 2018
    Howard County
    The NM lawmakers somehow found out the secret that the cartridge at the bottom of a 10 round magazine is the super extra "killy" one. Which one of you told them?


    MDS Supporter
    Dec 19, 2021
    Who needs the US Constitution anymore if we don't have 2A? Yuppie women and sissy men are here today because of the sacrifices the founding fathers of this country made. These people will keep pushing until they see the USA turning into Cuba, Venezuela, or South Africa. Then they will lose everything that they think they deserve. They think that their luxury SUV, their big fancy house, and their comfortable lifestyle will be around forever while they espouse libtard policies.
    The Venezuelan "socialist" leaders are as corrupt and venal as any socialist leaders in history. They grift plenty from their rackets, buy expensive personal things and have no shame in publicly displaying their swag. (There is a funny website just on the bling watches these crooks wear in public, photos and all, with the market prices, all in a paradise where oil is pumped from the ground and average people can't buy food and die for lack of medicines.)


    Beer, Bikes n Boomsticks
    Mar 13, 2012
    Howeird County
    Gotta make sure those Ruger Mk23s and 10/22s can't be used.....for the children.

    New Mexico is starting to be just as bad as old Mexico

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