Multi-Jurisdiction CCP class (DC, MD & VA)

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  • ASTC

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    The MD Small Arms Range is offering a Multi-Jurisdiction concealed carry permit class for D.C., MD & VA CCP's. The cost of the class is $300.00 and includes the use of a firearm and 50 rounds of ammunition. An approved fingerprint vendor will be onsite for those who wish to be fingerprinted. Information & registration can be found at:

    CZ Peasy

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    Jun 29, 2012
    We don't have any renewal classes scheduled anytime soon. Thanks for thinking of us.
    Thanks for the quick reply. I have taken a few of your previous classes and sent a few other people your way. Always had a great experience.


    Apr 11, 2009
    Upper Marlboro
    @ASTC - I need your assistance:
    I was in your class this weekend. Showed up on time yesterday and completed all aspects of the class.

    I went back in today and arrived prior to class start time, and the entire parking lot was full. A few people came out of the range, but their parking spaces were scooped up before I could get close to them. The repeatedly stated policy from the instructor is that 1 minute late is 1 minute late.

    I circled the parking lot until 10:02, then left as I waited with 4 other patrons. Is it possible to reschedule to take the 2nd day and range session or to get at least a partial refund?

    It would be ideal for MSAR to mark off some parking spots for the class or purchase overflow parking at one of the other places in that office park that are closed during the weekend or to offer the class during a time in the week when the range is not completely packed full. Perhaps they cannot do this for some reason, but the current situation is less than ideal for paying customers, especially since several drive quite a way to take the multi-jurisdictional classes (we had people in class from NY, NJ, and other states).

    Please help!
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