Monday in Annapolis, 4/8. Waving Bye Bye...

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  • BeoBill

    Crank in the Third Row
    MDS Supporter
    Oct 3, 2013
    Is anyone going to bid our legiscreatures adieu in the GA Marble Mausoleum on Monday? At, say, 7:30 p.m.? In white attire?

    Use of all fingers is highly encouraged when waving.

    Bob A

    "Hoarding Douchewaffle Deluxe" nominee
    MDS Supporter
    Patriot Picket
    Nov 11, 2009
    See y'all there!

    Deep Lurker

    Active Member
    MDS Supporter
    Patriot Picket
    Mar 22, 2019
    Patriot Picket is making a day of it, so everyone can join in for whatever time they have available to spend in Annapolis:

    Patriot Picket will be at the Statehouse on Monday, Sine Die!

    Patriot Picket will be there for the final day of the 2019 MGA session (“Sine Die”) from 12 PM until 12 AM, from Noon to Midnight!

    Come when you can, stay as long as you like, leave when you need to ... wear your WWNC shirts, blue PP gear or anything that suits you in your Patriotic frame of mind.

    Throughout the day there will be multiple floor sessions in each chamber to view (showing our WWNC shirt message), indoor lobbying, outside sign-waving, mealtime meetups, fellowship: choose your favorite activity, you’ll never be alone doing it!

    Details and times of counter-cuck organized events, PP Cavalry Ride, PP meetups and meals, and pro-2A/WWNC actions will be posted here all day Monday 4/8:

    Patriotism is as patriotism does ... and, as Patriots, you will be among friends.

    See you there!

    For more info, pics and free parking tips click here:


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    Deep Lurker

    Active Member
    MDS Supporter
    Patriot Picket
    Mar 22, 2019
    Sign picketing, picture taking and social media sharing from and “On The Bricks” begins on Monday at Noon, 4/8!

    Both chambers will have their respective floor sessions underway and are also likely to be still in session at noon, so anyone who prefers to witness the legislative tyranny indoors will have that chance then too if you prefer.

    Multiple floor sessions in both chambers are likely throughout the afternoon and evening.

    Note: Details of all PP Sine Die counter-cuck organized events, PP Cavalry Ride, PP meetups and meals, and all PP Sine Die Monday event/action updates, member questions and check- ins moved here:

    For more info click here:
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