Minty ‘59 Single Six Comin’

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  • Brent

    Nov 22, 2013
    Amongst the Deplorables, SC.
    Awesome grab Brent! The Single Sixes with the drift adjustable rear sights are perfect to my eyes. Much more so than the modernish fully adjustable rears. Enjoy!

    I have to agree with you! The Super Single Sixes are a great gun, but I like the simplicity of the rear drift that’s been dovetailed in. Thanks Bis! Sweet name by the way

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    Aug 2, 2009
    Well, zinc vs steel is a big quality difference...I love junk guns though.

    Not so fast there !

    That Western Marshal isn't a " Junk Gun " , even in your benevolent context .

    Mfg by J.P. Sauer & Sohn in Germany , steel frames , and unusually . the .22lr version was full SAA size .

    The first of the SAA clones .

    Brainchild of Hy Hunter ( actual person )( major California gun dealer & distributor ) . Circa ' 54 to '58 was sold branded both Hy Hunter , and Great Western Arms . Back in the day , had positive reviews and endorsements ( including one of the modern era John Wayne movie " SAA" was actually a Great Western .

    Late '50s , bankruptcy , taken over by creditors , specifically E&M , now known as EMF . As a subsidiary of E&M , known as Hawes Firearms , from circa 1960- 1980 . To date myself , I remember these being common on dealer shelves . and the cousin of one of my BSA buddies having one in .44 Mag , and giving it high marks .

    Fast forewards to today :

    EMF still owns the names to Great Western ( and presumably Western Marshal , etc ) and is selling some of their Italian built SAA clones as GW .

    J.P Sauer SA Revolvers still made in slightly updated form . Currently imported by EAA as Bounty Hunter .

    Are the J.P. Sauer SA's as " good " as actual Colt or 3 Screw Blackhawk ? ( Depends on the vintage of Colt , and No ) .

    But better than early and medium era Italian clones , and very serviceable in their own right .


    Active Member
    Dec 10, 2015
    Calvert County, MD
    Quick cell phone pic for now …


    This ‘59 has never been fired. Quite evident of its “newness”, original oil on the hammer. The receipt looks like it was in a pressure chamber. Like it was printed and hand written this morning. There’s a slight finish wear at the left side of the muzzle. Purely holster wear I guess. It is near as new as I could ever hope to find. The difference in quality between the two above is astounding. That ‘59 makes, what I thought was a good action on my Vaquero, the new model laughable. Definitely may have to call Power Custom about that NM Vaquero and get it right!

    Wow this little thing impresses!

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    From Gunboads (they have a similar thread going). I mentioned the warning never take a Hy Hunter apart because you will never get them back together right. The reply was:

    "The frame screws are low grade metal and need to be carefully started (avoid cross threaded) and torqued."

    From the gunsmith trying to get it working

    "When I removed them, most of them were loose. Some metal shavings came out with the screws. Came from the frame of the pistol."


    Also, I think a company named Hawes took over after Hy Hunter left the scene.

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