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  • R81

    Jun 30, 2006
    Anyone have experience with Mighty Armory dies? What are your thoughts on them. Thanks.


    collector of fine .22s
    Jan 18, 2007
    Anyone have experience with Mighty Armory dies? What are your thoughts on them. Thanks.
    Wayne's stuff ain't cheap but it sure is good. I'm running his decap dies and they are tanks. Right through any crimp and the damn norma nine mil cases with smaller than BR flash holes get decapped just fine. The .50bmg decapper had decapped some berdan cases by mistake......


    Active Member
    Feb 6, 2010
    55.751244 / 37.618423
    Wayne is a stand-up guy and his company, ordered plenty of times from him, lots of
    chats back and forth on messenger. With that said.
    Have a few of his dies, as mentioned the ain't cheap but good dies never are.
    Have his Magnum Blue Decapper, Universal decapper, the later has de-primed
    thousands of cases, even the TAA headstamp brass that bent / broke other decappers.
    His 9mm TNT Dies are IMO better cause the 9mm case is a tapered case. 45ACP TNT
    Sizer, 9mm / 45ACP TNT Taper Crimp dies, Universal seat dies,
    Gold Match Dies in 223 / 308. the 223 die have sized thousands of Mil brass
    I'm after him to make a sizer / seat dies in 338 LM, I'd pay the price as probably
    others. The only other die I use is the CH Tool & Die (CH4D now) TiN Coated 223
    die set. ($$$) No I don't get "kick backs" from Wayne. Their just great dies, the
    machining / workmanship is top notch. Costly maybe, but good things come at a
    cost. I do have RCBS Dies, some Redding, Whidden, very few Hornady maybe 3
    or 4, a Dillon set or 2. Everybody has their opinion on reloading equipment.
    These just work for me in all my presses that take standard dies. Single and

    Note: Yes his 50 Decapper works great, now just need a sizer die from Wayne

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    Active Member
    Aug 2, 2009
    Dyes - Change the color of fabric
    Dies - Tooling used in the reloading of metallic cartridges .


    Active Member
    Feb 18, 2012
    People's Republic of Maryland
    I had not heard of Magnum Armory before. These guys make nice dies too.


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