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  • pauljk00

    Junior Member
    Jun 23, 2022
    Take a look at the Byrna Waist Pack. It comes with the Byrna patch, but it is sewn on and, if you are careful, you can remove it.


    Junior Member
    MDS Supporter
    Jul 8, 2021
    The fanny pack is now making a resurgence.

    As it should. The fanny pack is truly the crown jewel of men's fashion. The fact that it is also the perfect accessory for carrying a concealed handgun is a bonus, as far as I'm concerned.


    Teecha, teecha
    Oct 10, 2010
    Will a CZ 9mm Scorpion EVO fit? :)




    Pissing off Liberals
    Apr 13, 2010
    on 270
    That wouldn't fit in the model I use. You would probably need a backpack for that :)
    Do you carry off-body all the time? I tend to avoid anything 5.11 or outdoors for fanny packs and opted with a nike that fits a compact and sub compact in there and looks less "gun" and more style. I typically only wear it when i feel like wearing a more fitted tshirt that will print which i have a lot of.

    Although its comfortable and handy just know if you're directly targeted for a robbery thats the first thing coming off of you. There's a recent video on youtube where that happened but the victim was lucky enough to be able to draw on the aggressor.

    Stay safe.


    MDS Supporter
    Feb 10, 2018
    Howard County
    I have a Blackhawk! fanny pack that i rarely use. One feature that I like is that the buckle has a third catch on it. If you wear the pack in the front and the buckle in the back it would be conceivable for someone to come from behind, squeeze the buckle and snatch your pack. The Blackhawk! has an extra "button" that has to be pushed to release the buckle and mitigate that risk.

    I also have one that was made by DeSantis many years ago. This one is light blue and has a large NorthFace patch sewn on it to maybe disguise it a bit. Sandals with socks, a tie-dyed shirt and a headband to help to support that illusion are optional.

    I don't remember the sizes of these but either will fit a compact like a Glock 19. I think the Blackhawk! comes in multiple sizes.

    I have used both a couple of times for carrying while running. When running that belt needs to be very, very tight to keep it from bouncing in the most annoying way. I found that a small gun in belly band works better with the gun at 3 O'Clock for running.

    When hiking the fanny packs work well.


    One Ping Only...
    MDS Supporter
    Sep 19, 2015
    You don't think tactical bags with tactical loops everywhere makes you a target? 'Screams shoot me first in my mind or at least gear queer w possible concealed. Maybe its just because I'm xmilitary...Honest question by the way!
    I get it but... No I don't think it makes anyone a target. I'm 62-- a Vietnam era/post Vietnam era teen. I started wearing/carrying many things Army OD in Jr High school. Field jackets-- fatigue pants-- Hell I used to ice skate in an OD Trench coat and high school muffler...combat boots, jungle breeches and blouses-- boonie caps w/jeans and flannel. I think you'd find tons of Utes and 20 somethings still hit up surplus shops and Goodwills where they pick this stuff up and sport the same stuff even today. Old guys wear it because--comfortable/versatile or just because. I think-- like most of us when we think about carrying--you get hyper-sensitive to everything you're doing/wearing. Eventually it wears off with time. How we carry ourselves, comport and act while strapped has more to do with drawing attention than an OD/cammo murse/satchel. Meh--My 2 cents.
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    Certified Grump
    MDS Supporter
    Jul 8, 2007
    Somewhere nearby
    You don't think tactical bags with tactical loops everywhere makes you a target? 'Screams shoot me first in my mind or at least gear queer w possible concealed. Maybe its just because I'm xmilitary...Honest question by the way!
    I don't think any of that is an issue anymore. No worry about 5.11 gear either. People wear all sorts of things, now-a-days. "kids" in their 20s are carrying all manner of gear, including "tactical" stuff as they just seem to like it. Don't get me on the personal offense I take to effeminate men wearing lumberjack plaid and beards! I mean, at least they aren't wearing skinny jeans with that outfit anymore. Being middle aged you get to a point where you don't give a crap what people think and wear whatever is comfortable. I've more or less given up on jeans and just cargo pants it everywhere. People wear pajamas on commercial flights for Gods sake! I mean, if you were well built and carried yourself with military demeaner bad guys may get an uneasy feeling about you, even if they couldn't identify why. In fact, if you are just alert to your surroundings it is going to send subconscious warning bells to ne'er-do-wells that you aren't an easy target.

    Which brings up an interesting it better to look potentially dangerous, or at least troublesome, so that you don't look like an easy target. Or is it bad to look potentially dangerous as you might get shot first?


    Making Libs Cry Since '80
    MDS Supporter
    Oct 19, 2007
    With the Outdoor/Adventure/Overland craze going with the GenX and Millenials with all the oriented Vehicles, Clothing and Lifestyle offerings; the 5.11, Maxpedition, other TacticaCool rucks, bags and even Fanny Packs fit right into the today’s societal landscape.

    You got the wannabes that want to look cool, tough and parabellum when they emerge from their parents’ basement, dorm room or other safe spaces to go protest against the “Man with his White Supremacy, Patriarchy and Racism“.

    Of course, you got those on the Right that want to look just as TacticaCool and Tough for their counter-protesting.

    There’s plenty of social camouflage that we can blend into now for our cover so we might as well use it and enjoy the edge that it offers us.


    Active Member
    MDS Supporter
    Dec 6, 2012
    OK that is funny, pretty good photoshop I didn't catch that. :lol2:

    I didn’t until I went back and looked again. The first time I looked at it I was thinking that doesn’t quite look like the guy in the Hangover lol

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    Short Round
    Jul 12, 2014
    The issue with off the body carry it can be cumberson to get your gun when you need it. Also, if you carry it like a mers then it can be ripped away as the person runs past you. When I lived in NYC I saw this back when it was a thing to wear them. The fanny pack was also easily removed, come up behind you with a sharp knife and poof they were gone. Some times easy and convient is not.


    Head'n for the hills
    MDS Supporter
    Dec 21, 2008
    SoMD / West PA
    Before the Maxpedition rage that really caught on thanks to Jack Bauer on “24”, I used this during and after my Greensuit days.

    View attachment 381025 Good ol’ fashion USGI Map Case aka the “F@g Bag” for Off Body carry when had my CCW.
    I used to use one myself back in the day.

    I would not recommend it for a off body carry bag. My old one only had 2 pockets. Enough for a small binder, and the other for a map or 2.


    Past President, MSI
    MDS Supporter
    Apr 6, 2011
    You don't think tactical bags with tactical loops everywhere makes you a target? 'Screams shoot me first in my mind or at least gear queer w possible concealed. Maybe its just because I'm xmilitary...Honest question by the way!
    No offense meant, but by that argument, then everyone that has a backpack of some sort with tactical loops on them would be a target. I would like people who subscribe to this idea to start posting examples of where this has actually caused the person to be the first person shot in any incident.


    Past President, MSI
    MDS Supporter
    Apr 6, 2011
    I agree. Another aspect is that if a hoodlum is looking for a quick score (snatch and run), in this case they would not only have your bag but also your gun.
    So, how often does this actually happen? Cites?
    I haven't seen this happen (person carrying such a bag being the first one shot), in any state that has had carry since Florida opened the gates.


    Stop Negassing me!!!!!
    Nov 10, 2010
    In a House
    For decades, I've used a small old Bundeswehr combat pack that's been converted to a shoulder bag. Depending on how you cinch it, it is very secure or easy to slip your hand in. Internally, it has a divider. The P7 goes in the rear and everything else goes out front. That way, you never see the outline of a pistol but you also have an entire section devoted to it so it's easy to locate. Original bags are now hard to find but reproductions are readily available and are 98% as well made as originals.

    Hessen Antique sells a reproduction:

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