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  • [Kev308]

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    MDS Supporter
    Jan 23, 2020
    I have a raccoon trapped inside my chicken coop. I’m looking for a pest service to come out and get this guy out of here as well as a dead chicken. When I opened the door this morning I think it was asleep in the nesting box, or it got pecked to death by the chickens. I’m pretty sure it was breathing.


    MDS Supporter
    Jan 27, 2022
    From the DNR website list of Wildlife Control Cooperators:
    BarcklowJustin410-982-5050PIKESVILLEBirds,mammals, including bats,reptiles and amphibians
    BatemanMichael240-876-0885ADAMSTOWNmammals, excluding bats
    BellJeffrey240-688-6584MOUNT AIRYmammals, excluding bats and deer
    BrandiBrandy410-515-1818ABINGDONBirds,mammals, including bats,reptiles and amphibians
    BrandiChristopher410-515-1818ABINGDONBirds,mammals, including bats,reptiles and amphibians
    BrownGregory301-667-7862CLEAR SPRINGmammals, excluding bats
    BrownTimothy301-779-5800BRENTWOODBirds,mammals, excluding bats,reptiles and amphibians,mammals, including bats
    BryantSocrates202-725-7563FORT WASHINGTONBirds,mammals, including bats,reptiles and amphibians
    CalderoneEdwin443-293-2010WESTMINSTERBirds,mammals, including bats,reptiles and amphibians
    CarderJason240-674-9053IJAMSVILLEBirds,mammals, including bats,reptiles and amphibians
    ClairAmanda443-454-4541ROCKVILLEBirds,reptiles and amphibians,mammals, including bats
    CoolDavid301-418-4889EMMITSBURGBirds,reptiles and amphibians,mammals, including bats
    DeemMichael301-501-1416OAKLANDBirds,mammals, including bats,reptiles and amphibians
    DudaEmil240-816-1363SHARPSBURGBirds,mammals, including bats,reptiles and amphibians
    EppleyJoshua301-525-1438UNION BRIDGEBirds,mammals, excluding bats,reptiles and amphibians
    FireyCurtis301-992-6090CLEAR SPRINGBirds,mammals, including bats,reptiles and amphibians
    FraleyNorman443-249-3615STEVENSVILLEmammals, excluding bats
    FreyClayton301-991-8446SMITHSBURGBirds,mammals, including bats,reptiles and amphibians
    GammonJohn443-591-4967PASADENABirds,reptiles and amphibians,mammals, including bats
    GarciaAlejandro940447-7101HAGERSTOWNmammals, excluding bats
    GladmonStephen410-751-7545WESTMINSTERBirds,mammals, including bats,reptiles and amphibians
    GlennRodney301-465-0196SHARPSBURGBirds,reptiles and amphibians,mammals, excluding bats
    GrahamDavid410--515-1818ABINGDONBirds,mammals, including bats,reptiles and amphibians
    HodgesKristopher443-386-3963KINGSVILLEBirds,mammals, including bats
    HornbargerWilliam240-345-5445GREENCASTLEBirds,mammals, including bats,reptiles and amphibians
    HussakowskiTony301-528-2550GERMANTOWNmammals, including bats
    JarrardJason443-851-7061BALTIMOREBirds,mammals, including bats,reptiles and amphibians
    JohnsonWalter301-349-2413POOLESVILLEBirds,reptiles and amphibians,mammals, excluding bats
    JonesMalo301-653-2481FORT WASHINGTONreptiles and amphibians
    KeelsKorey443-804-1412ESSEXBirds,mammals, including bats
    KendrickJoseph443-603-6925ABINGDONBirds,mammals, including bats,reptiles and amphibians
    KramerRichard301-821-0323BROOKEVILLEBirds,mammals, including bats,reptiles and amphibians
    LoayzaArturo301-528-2550GERMANTOWNmammals, including bats
    LoayzaCesar301-528-2550GERMANTOWNmammals, including bats
    LoayzaJimy301-528-2550GERMANTOWNmammals, including bats
    LoayzaJonathan301-528-2550WOODBINEmammals, including bats
    McMillanLawrence240-708-0999GERMANTOWNmammals, excluding bats
    MillerCharles410-266-5400ANNAPOLISBirds,mammals, including bats,reptiles and amphibians
    MummaRobert301-991-1266CLEAR SPRINGmammals, excluding bats
    NaillCasey410-984-8589WESTMINSTERBirds,mammals, including bats,reptiles and amphibians
    NixonCarlton443-505-3194ESSEXBirds,reptiles and amphibians,mammals, including bats
    PattersonJeremy410-493-4373WESTMINSTERmammals, including bats,Birds,reptiles and amphibians
    RinehartRandall410-259-0819NEW WINDSORmammals, including bats,mammals, excluding bats
    RosenbergerJustin571-455-9970GAITHERSBURGBirds,mammals, including bats,reptiles and amphibians
    RyanTimothy301-748-7136FREDERICKBirds,mammals, including bats,reptiles and amphibians
    SarroJosh410-412-6020GLEN BURNIEBirds,mammals, including bats,reptiles and amphibians
    SchmelzerKeith443-462-6645BALTIMOREBirds,mammals, including bats,reptiles and amphibians
    ShadelRichard301-668-2214ONOBirds,mammals, including bats,reptiles and amphibians
    ShieldsPatrick301-268-1300LAVALEBirds,mammals, including bats,reptiles and amphibians
    SimenowitzSamuel443-813-6159BALTIMOREBirds,mammals, including bats,reptiles and amphibians
    TruaxLewis240-707-7708HANCOCKmammals, excluding bats,reptiles and amphibians
    TuckerDaniel301-257-6258FREDERICKmammals, excluding bats,Furbearers
    WelchBryan301-331-5475SHARPSBURGBirds,mammals, excluding bats,reptiles and amphibians
    WernerMax240-674-4394THURMONTBirds,reptiles and amphibians,mammals, excluding bats
    WiestDavid301-979-2929UPPER MARLBOROBirds,mammals, including bats,reptiles and amphibians
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    Active Member
    MDS Supporter
    Jan 23, 2020
    So last night I got home from work after dark, ate dinner and got around to locking up the chickens around 8:30 PM. I go outside and pull one of the chickens, who always escapes, out of the tree and stuff her into the coop and lock it up. 9/10 I usually peek my head in to do a head count before closing up. Last night was just odd that I didn't.

    I go out in the morning and get the feed and water situated and then open the door. A bunch of chickens come out like usual, but I hadn't collected eggs in a couple days and decided to get them before I left for work. I open up the door and things looked disarrayed and I saw a headless chicken on the floor. WTF!?....Then inches from my face there is a racoon sleeping in the nesting box. HOLY F!

    I locked him in there and posted this online when I got to work. I set things up to have sundazes recommendation to come out and relocate the pest. Well, I didn't move fast enough and my wife called animal control who said they would come out for free.

    They walked the racoon 30 ft off my property and let it go. :banghead:
    I bought a trap and hopefully I can fix this problem myself.
    I think I got lucky and the racoon feasted on eggs instead of the rest of the chickens.


    Team Sub 28. Former 365
    MDS Supporter
    Nov 13, 2006
    You can’t relocate it unfortunately, you have to dispatch it. That is what f you can catch it.


    MDS Supporter
    Jan 27, 2022
    I bought a trap and hopefully I can fix this problem myself.
    If you trap you should contact USDA Wildlife Services to obtain a (free) permit. It’s not too much of a PITA the worst part is getting through on the phone (they are often inundated with calls). Just describe the problem to them (raccoons persistently raiding your chicken coop) and they will typically issue you a “permit number” over the phone and you are set. See pasted info below;

    . It may even become necessary to remove Nuisance Wildlife from your property. To find out about safe and legal ways to deal with these problem animals or to locate individuals or companies who are licensed by the Wildlife & Heritage Service to handle wildlife complaints, please call USDA Wildlife Services 1-877-463-6497 from Maryland or 410-349-8130from outside of Maryland, visit or refer to linked list below.

    Also note (as you probably know) raccoons are a RVS (rabies vector species) and must be euthanized and can not be ”relocated”. What Animal Control did was technically okay since they didn’t move the raccoon out of its “home range”. Good luck with it.


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    MDS Supporter
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    Jan 22, 2009
    Bel Air
    You can’t relocate it unfortunately, you have to dispatch it. That is what f you can catch it.
    I would eat it.

    OP, if you’re close to Bel Air, I’ll come get my dinner.

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