I need a flashlight

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  • Headedthere

    Junior Member
    Jan 3, 2023
    Hopefully this fits in The Depot.

    So many brands of flashlights come and go.

    CR123 battery, 1 (or maybe 2) cell.
    Simple, small, reliable, pocket carry if needed.
    More flood than spot.
    Adjustable brightness, no need for max more than about 150 lumens

    I want on/off to be a clicky button on the side of the flashlight, not on the bottom.
    And it should remember its brightness setting.

    Can I get the above for less than $30?
    I want to buy 3-4 for general use.


    DD 214 Exempt
    MDS Supporter
    Jul 15, 2022
    Owings, Maryland
    I get all my flashlights and batteries from battery junction com. Great selection and great prices, you'll find exactly what you want.


    DD 214 Exempt
    MDS Supporter
    Jul 15, 2022
    Owings, Maryland
    Screenshot 2023-02-03 at 9.28.23 AM.png


    Junior Member
    Feb 21, 2014
    Those are great, but they're $80 not $30.

    There's a lot of options in the $80 range but $30 is harder find.
    I have carried a 2 AAA Streamlite for several years which is about $20 but you wanted a switch on the side. The one I posted is made out of aluminum, has a switch on the side, has a lifetime warranty, and is USB rechargeable.
    Yea, $80 is a lot but how many $30 ones will you replace while that one is still working?

    That Streamlight Twin Task looks pretty good from the post above. If mine ever dies I may try one.
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    Jan 31, 2008
    OLIGHT I5R EOS 350 Lumens Rechargeable Tail-Switch LED Flashlight Powered by USB Rechargeable Battery, Slim EDC Pocket Flashlight for Camping, Outdoor, and Emergency (Black) https://a.co/d/3f1sQYS
    I'd just go for this. It comes with a rechargeable aa, but AA batteries are all over the place and much cheaper than 123.

    I'd also ditch a side button. Side buttons get inadvertently pressed in pockets all the time. Tail clickies are easier to find with your thumb in the dark and less prone to accidentally turning on the light.

    These don't have the magnetic bottom other olights do, but they do have a pretty great clip that allows you to stick it on a hat brim for an instant head-lamp.

    The side(diameter specifically) also trumps 123 lights in comfort for carry.

    John from MD

    American Patriot
    MDS Supporter
    May 12, 2005
    Socialist State of Maryland
    Fenix also makes some nice flashlights. I believe however they all have a tail switch.

    Buying cheap chinese flashlights is like a crap game. You never know when it will start having issues.

    Buy a well built light like Fenix and Olight that use 18650 rechargeable batteries and you won't be disappointed and won't have to buy more that once.


    Foxtrot Juliet Bravo
    MDS Supporter
    Sep 26, 2012
    Yeah tail switches are my preference. I also like that they be recessed so that I can stand the light on end if need be.


    Foxtrot Juliet Bravo
    MDS Supporter
    Sep 26, 2012
    Ha! Recently replaced the bulbs in two of my 3D maglights with LED. Very nice improvement but every time I pocket carry I get strange looks :shrug:


    Active Member
    May 23, 2010
    Howard County
    My OLight S2R has become my go-to. Very good size and good controls. One click is moonlight. One+one is very bright. Perfect for the woods. ~$67

    I understand it's more expensive than you need but it's a good unit.


    Oct 12, 2009
    I really like this flashlight. Small and bright. Btw, this company makes the second brightest flashlight on the market as well. I have it as well.

    Edit: the other plus on this is that the AA sized 14500 Rechargeable Battery has a micro usb port to recharge. Or you can use a AA if needed

    The other

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