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  • marte616

    God bless America...
    Apr 15, 2008
    Occupied Territory
    I drove from columbia all the way down to Bob's to meet a fellow MDSer for a transfer. I drove past Bob's a couple of times....looked just like a regular gas stations.,..I said to myself...this can't be the place everyone keep talking about?

    I walked in...a regular counter full of cigarrettes and then i looked to my right...boxes and boxes of ammo...and then to my left....a wall full of beautiful evil rifles.

    To top things up, a gorgeous young lady ( who knows more about guns than many guys I know) proceeded to show me all the nice Henry lever action rofles they have, including the 22 Mag Mare' Leg!

    So I left with a six- pack of pumpkin ale, a box of ammo, a nice bye bye from the two wonderful ladies, and a prayer: God, please let Bob Sunoco's be Heaven!

    How can they even be legal to operate? I mean, they give ATF a new meaning!!!!:party29::party29::envy:


    Active Member
    MDS Supporter
    Feb 19, 2013
    southern md
    Bob's is surely a wonderful place. the guys and girls that work there are very knowledgeable and helpful. its my go to place for all my firearm needs.


    Oct 16, 2013
    I consider myself quite fortunate to live 5 miles away.

    You did also visit Bear Creek BBQ across the road, right?


    Sep 15, 2013
    Southern Maryland
    I was just there during lunch today, they have some great guns in stuck right now. They have a really awesome S&W Performance Center .357there right now. I got my Sig there.

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    Dec 26, 2013
    Yes, Bobs has some of the best prices on guns. I just purchased 2 there. And they have a nice inventory despite the building size.


    It's nice to have another gun store in Southern Maryland. I would NOT call Bob's Heaven. More like gun purguratory / borderline hell for me. Here's my experience with the place:

    Went in to inquire about AR stripped lowers. Had none in stock at the time, but were nice and said they had a quantity on order. Two girls and guy working in the gun area. Just check back with them in a week or two and they should have them was what I was told. I went to a gun show that weekend and ended up buying a lower from an FFL here in SOMD. Didn't have cause to go back to Bob's for a while. Fairly positive experience.

    Was looking for a Mossberg 930 or similar gun. I went with a friend. Two girls and a somewhat younger guy in the gun area. I told them my want and that I would consider other semi-auto shotguns at a price point around the 930. The male pulled out a pump shotgun. I told him that I didn't want a pump shotgun. He proceded to tell me how good of a gun it was. He then produced another pump shotgun. While I was telling him that I have pump shotguns and specifically do not want another one the guy breaks out another pump. I look at my buddy (Brandofire on here) and we exchange "what the hell is wrong with this guy?" looks.

    The smaller of the two girls jumps in and produces an inexpensive Turkish gun saying how she likes it and hasn't had a problem with the gun. The other girl jumps in to say that they've sold a few and the buyers have been happy. The guy jumps in to say that they are crap and that I should get the next gun that he produces for me to see. A nearly $2k gun. Is he deaf, dumb, or blind? He tells me that he has one, wouldn't waste money on the Turkish gun or a Mossberg 930. Nice. I thank them for their time and we leave.

    Fast forward and I need a charging handle for a 6.8 SPC AR. I enter through the gas station front and the woman (wife's owner?) stares at me like I'm getting ready to rob the place. I go down to the gun area and look through the AR parts. The charging handles are on the rack backwards so I can't see what they fit. They're all for .308. An older guy (owner Bob?) come in from the gas station area, walks up to me, and asks me what I'm looking for. I tell him and he shows me the charging handles that I have already turned around and re-stocked for them. I tell them that they are for .308 and won't work. He says "They won't? Hmmm.." Ok, I'm out of there. Got my charging handle on Ebay.

    Last try at Bob's was for 6.8 SPC ammo. Walked in, got mean mugged by the old lady at the gas register. Looked at the gun area and figured all ammo was up with the old lady so I stood at her counter. Was ignored while people mulled around and someone eventually paid for beer. The older guy showed up and I asked if he had 6.8 SPC ammo. He asked the woman who had been busy ignoring me. She looked on shelves behind her. Then she stopped when someone came up with two beers. Two odd sized beers. The guy produced sheets of paper which I assumed were his ammo orders. I thought I was getting help. Nope. He was trying to find the price of the two bottles of beer. He and the woman turned their attention to the beer buyer. Another sheet of beer prices was brought out by the man. They couldn't find the price. The woman agreed to charge $2.50 a bottle and all were happy. Another beer customer had shown up so it was back to ignoring me. The guy walked back to the gun area to help someone who came in while I stood there being ignored. Nice. I looked at the woman, said "I guess I don't get my answer." and went to my truck.

    The man came outside and stood at the edge of his building on the side where I was parked and just looked at me. He stepped back towards the front of the corner of the building and watched me as I left. What the hell was that about? I'm not a felon, I'm a nice guy who is easy to deal with.

    Poor customer service, poor product knowledge, poor stocking of shelves, and rude behavior by the old lady. If it wasn't for the two nice, knowledgeable, and pleasant girls that work in the gun area Bob's wouldn't have gotten that many chances from me. Luckily, Nick Cromwell had ammo, kept his doors open so that my friend could get it for me, and all within that store have been great to deal with.
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